Serie A

Another confident victory of Juventus in the Serie A led to the fact that many fans once again began to call this championship not too interesting. However, during the summer there have already been a lot of important substitutions and transfers, which can significantly affect the positions of the teams in the standings.

Juventus has a long list of competitors, but hardly any of them can say it has stability. The exception, perhaps, is Napoli, but the bench of the team is too short, and many leaders have become older and no longer show that bright and attacking game, as it was in the days of Sarri.

The Old Signora managed to secure another title in the Serie A thanks to the following factors:

  1. Long bench.
  2. High-quality selection of players in each of the lines. It is no secret that Juventus had almost 2 players per position.
  3. Individual skills of the leaders.
  4. Successful transfer campaign.

At the same time, the management and fans of the Bianco-Neri are hoping for the fact that their club can expect to win not only the national championship, but also an international tournament. The indifferent attitude of Juventus to the championship was noticeable already at the end of the season, when the team frankly quit playing and almost stopped winning. This may be a chance for the competitors of the Old Signora. Moreover, Allegri’s leaving the position of the head coach will certainly have its impact. Under his guidance, Juventus played for 5 long years and managed to reach a qualitatively new level. It is still an open question whether a new coach will be able to achieve the desired result immediately, even having such a star lineup.

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