Should Have in Your Car Accident Kit

There is no driver out there on the road who plans to be involved in an accident, despite this, it is very important that as a driver, you are prepared should the worst happen. With more cars on the road than ever before and many careless drivers out there, you could be the safest driver in the World and still get involved in an accident as the result of someone else’s mistakes.

Car insurance premiums are high enough and the last thing you need is to have it increase through the result of an accident. If you are already paying for services that protect your car from damage as a result of mechanical failure like Omega Auto Care, the last thing you need is your insurance premiums rocketing for the fault of someone else. Unfortunately, accidents can happen and in order to stay as safe as possible and to give your insurers the most amount of information possible, you should have a car accident prepare kit and here is what you should have in it.

First Aid Kit

Accidents can often result in injuries, the majority will be just bumps, cuts and bruises and for this reason, it will be important that you are carrying a basic first aid kit to treat cuts, stop bleeding and clean wounds. Any significant injuries and of course you should  call the emergency services, minor injuries, though can be best treated at the roadside, after the accident with your handy first aid kit.

Note Pad

As we mentioned before, having an accident that wasn’t your fault will need to be proved in order to get the best protection for your insurance, in order to do that you will have to take note of every bit of information about the accident and having a notepad and a pen in your accident kit ill make it easy to do so. You should take down the time, date and location of the incident, the cars involved, the details of the other driver or drivers that were involved and also try to speak to anyone who witnessed the accident.


After an accident, many people will go into shock and begin to shiver, a blanket will keep them protected and also help if something should occur in cold weather. If your car is not able to move then you may have to wait some time for a local garage to come and collect your car, keep cold at bay and put a blanket in the boot of the car.

Numbers List

Having a handy list of contacts will be important after an accident, your insurance, local garages and friends and family that you can call to help you out. After an accident, you may struggle to think straight as a result of the shock, you can keep things simple if you have a contact list handy.


Although the large majority of cellphones now have their own cameras, you never know if you will have a battery or not. Putting a camera in your car accident prepares kit means that you can take photos of evidence regarding car damage, the location of the accident and any injuries sustained.