car accident

Car accidents are a common phenomenon nowadays. Reports say that more than 2.5 million people all over the world experience car accidents each year. In spite of having insurance, people do not get the necessary compensations. Insurers do not provide the requisite amount.

One of the major reasons is that most people do not know the legal procedures involving insurance. If you have faced similar problems, then here is given a to-do list after car accidents.

Seek Medical Support

The foremost duty just after an accident is seeking medical attention. Major accidents cause major injuries. So the safety of the victim is the crucial action to be taken. There are various kinds of injuries that can happen.

Initially, in some cases, they do not show up. Internal injuries are the most dangerous. So, a full body check-up is also advisable. You should consult your doctor immediately. If you bleed immediately after the accident, then you should apply first aid to avoid infections.

Contact an injury attorney

The second step is to contact an injury attorney. The best way to solve the accident problems is to take the guidance of legal professionals. The personal injury lawyer will guide you to deal with the situation and also claim insurance money.

It is a fact that dealing with an insurer is a fatiguing task, and it involves various legal techniques. Here is given short guidance that attorneys will give. If you or your car is in a drivable position, then you can take it to a safe, traffic-less place.

You can also create a secure area by placing cones or flares. If you collide with another vehicle, then you should minimize speaking with other drivers. Any misspoken word or admissions of a fault will be used against you later.

All these factors will help you to claim insurance money. If police involvement occurs, you must cooperate with them. If necessary, you can sign police documents. But you should not sign any insurance document without consulting your lawyer.

Collect all possible evidence from the accident spot

The aftermath of an accident is the expenses that occur on you and your car. For that insurance, money is required. To claim and gain compensation, you need reliable proof. As soon as you become stable, you must begin to take pictures of the accident spots.

You should focus on the interiors and exteriors of the vehicle, surrounding people, and conditions of the environment. You should also take photos of your injuries. The medical reports and medical and hospital bills are also important.

File a police report about the accident

If you have a huge accident and acquire serious injuries, then you should call the police immediately. They can get you to the hospital quickly. Apart from that, a police report is also necessary to be filed. You must take a copy of the police report.

This document can also offer you a great advantage while claiming the insurance. The period of filing a report varies from place to place. But the duration of 72 hours is given. You must file it within that time.

Contact your Insurer

Lastly, you should contact your insurer as early as possible. Most insurance companies have policies that provide a certain time period of claiming after an accident. So, without losing much time, you must contact them on time.

If an insurance company approaches you, you should not agree or sign any offer or agreement without your attorney’s knowledge. You should check your health completely before releasing any claim. You should also wait till your injuries become noticeable and then claim.


This article is brief guidance about the dos and don’ts after having a vehicle accident. The attorney consultancy is the most crucial thing to do.

You should not forget that because only your injury attorney can save you from this mess. So, be cautious while driving and well aware of the things you should do if you meet an accident.