Tennis enthusiasts around the world understand the importance of possessing all the appropriate equipment. However, most beginners are clueless about buying the perfect tennis racket and what tennis equipment they should pick up from the store. Apart from providing a mean cardio workout, tennis is a fun sport that unites lifelong friends. In addition, tennis is relatively easy to learn compared to other sports.

Today, you can purchase good tennis balls affordably. This sport isn’t just meant for wealthy individuals; it is an all-inclusive sport that anyone can partake in.

Here is the main equipment you’ll need to play tennis :

1. A racket

If you’ve watched tennis before, you probably noticed the players swinging an object adorning a lengthy grip and a mesh-like frame at the other end. This equipment is referred to as a tennis racket. It’s used to hit the tennis ball over the net. Today, tennis rackets are designed using a wide assortment of shapes and sizes. Some rackets have a thick handle that provide a firm grip for players. However, it’s possible to customize your tennis racket – lots of professional players already do this. If you desire to develop your tennis skills and become a pro, get a good racket.

2. Tennis balls

If you thought that tennis balls only have one variety, think again. There are more than five types of tennis balls, each differing slightly from the other. Beginners’ balls are specially designed for kids, newbies and amateurs. These balls essentially slow down the game, allowing players to get more practice. Next, the traditional (real) tennis balls possess a really firm core and should be used by professionals. We also have the pressurized and non-pressurized tennis balls: the former variety is much firmer and bounces higher compared to the non-pressurized type. However, it is less durable. Players within the US prefer using pressurized tennis balls whereas those in Europe prefer non-pressurized varieties.

3. Special tennis shoes

Tennis is a high-impact sport that requires constant movements and rapid twists. Clearly, it demands tremendous flexibility, quick hands and strong feet. There are specific tennis shoes that are designed to protect your feet from developing excruciating sores – wear these shoes whenever you head out to play tennis. Tennis shoes are usually fitted with thick, flexible soles that protect players against the harmful effects of friction. They allow players to improve their feet grip. However, it’s important to wear a pair (or two) of socks to provide extra cushioning.

4. Additional tennis accessories

Apart from the shoes, invest in good tennis clothes. Trousers and tight clothes should be avoided. Rather, wear a comfortable tennis skirt or shorts that won’t restrict your movement in the pitch. Remember, tennis is suited for players who have an impressive range of motion. It also helps to wear dark sunglasses when you’re playing tennis on sunny days. They’ll reduce the glare and provide some shielding against the harsh sun rays, allowing you to observe the ball’s trajectory. If you sweat profusely when you’re playing outside, consider wearing a sweatband to keep sweat away from your eyes.

You should also include sunscreen, vibration dampeners and tennis grips in your tennis paraphernalia.