Sleep is tremendously important for your health, and for your proper overall function. With that in mind, asking what can you do before bed to help you sleep better just makes sense. First off, start by reducing your exposure to blue light before bedtime. Light impacts your body’s natural rhythm, because it tells it still needs to be awake. Because of that, hormones that are crucial for sleep, like melatonin, don’t get produced as much, resulting in you having a hard time sleeping. Consider turning off your TV and any other pieces of technology about 2 hours before you head to bed, and read a book instead.

This may surprise you, but your bedroom’s temperature can also greatly impact how you sleep. Studies suggest that the best temperature for sleeping is about 20 degrees Celsius. Of course, having a blanket to cover you up can be of great help, particularly if you’re using an anti stress blanket.

If you enjoy a glass of wine in the evening, it may be a good idea to give it up, because alcohol can negatively impact not just your sleep, but your hormones as well. It can also cause or increase symptoms of sleep apnea, and lead to sleep patterns that are disrupted.