Going through addiction recovery is not easy, and there are those stages you must pass through. You can click here to see why you should consider getting the necessary help. One of the ways you can speed up the process is by having people around you who support you. Nonetheless, you must also understand what role you are supposed to play in fostering your recovery. If you feel overwhelmed by this information, this article will significantly help you.

The Change Is In Your Hands

As an addict, the first step to recovery is understanding and embracing change. You must understand that healing does not only mean not using the substance but also creating a lifestyle that helps you avoid using it. Generally, if you do not change your life, the factors that led to your addiction will finally catch up with you. 

Ask For Help

Dealing with addiction can be tricky, especially if you are not ready to involve the right people in your life. There are very few addicts, if at all there are, who have faced the nightmare of fighting substance abuse on their own. Therefore, you can understand why it is crucial to consider talking to the relevant people about your problem. You may want to do it on your own to prove that you are not as sick or unhealthy as people see you. It is not a foolish decision to join a self-help group, express yourself to your family, or even seek guidance and counseling. According to research, combining a substance abuse program with the interactions in a self-help group is an effective way to fight substance abuse. Talking to people within your self-help group helps you fight the guilt and shame that accompanies addiction, which is caused by the feeling that you do not deserve to recover or be happy.

Take Care Of Yourself

As other people are worried about you, you should also try as much as possible to keep yourself in good condition. This is mostly in terms of hygiene, diet, and relationships. Addictive thinking will explain how it is challenging to be good to others if you’re not good at yourself first. The main idea behind self-care is to minimize the chances of a relapse. Mind-body relaxation is a common self-care practice, and you should try as much as possible to embrace it. Additionally, ensure you adopt healthy eating, hit the gym once in a while, get enough sleep, and create healthy relationships with individuals within and without your family.

Think Of Absolute Honesty

When you are not honest about getting your drug or alcohol, hiding it, and denying the repercussions, you will be lying to yourself. Therefore, it is essential to be clear about what you feel and think because it is said that you are as sick as your secrets. Some of the therapy sessions you undertake in a rehabilitation center are geared towards helping you tell the truth, admitting any misspoken information, and doing all you can to correct that. Nonetheless, it is advisable to be honest only with your circle of recovery until you are comfortable expanding the circle. This circle may include your counselors, sponsors, a self-help group, and immediate family. One thing that should stick to your mind is that the honesty being talked about is “self-honesty” and not being honest about why you think other individuals are wrong.

It may seem like it is the end of life just because you find yourself miserable, hopeless, and helpless. The good news is that several individuals and institutions are willing to take the recovery journey with you. All you have to do is ensure you understand what you are supposed to speed up the process.