What all You Need to Know to Prepare for Class 7 Maths Olympiad

The Maths Olympiad book for Class 7 is a specially created Olympiad workbook that will help pupils achieve high scores in the International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO). This IMO book is available in soft copy (PDF format) and can be read on any smartphone, tablet, laptop, or computer. This Workbook covers a variety of Subjective & Reasoning subjects to help students improve their thinking and reasoning skills. Students can assess their abilities by answering multiple-choice questions based on their school’s curriculum, and they can also treat their minds by answering the tough Mental Ability Questions.

Before entering the preparation mode, you need to keep some points in mind in order to score well and have an effective preparation strategy. The following things should be kept in mind:

First you need to understand how this Math Olympiad is different from your regular school examination. You need to know that this Olympiad requires different sorts of efforts and hard work than your school exams. For this you go through the syllabus. Read the syllabus thoroughly and keep it in your mind. 

The whole syllabus is divided into 4 sections which are Logical Reasoning, Mathematical Reasoning, Everyday Mathematics and Achievers Section. Now the first section of logical reasoning has verbal and non-verbal reasoning, which requires practice and revision. You must try and solve a variety of questions related to this.  This is a scoring area where you can gain a decent score. The second section has around 15 topics similar to your school syllabus. This is the area which will require a lot of hard work. You need to gain enough expertise on these topics. Here it is suggested to not ignore the NCERTs, they might appear very basic to you but they will help you in gaining the basic clarity which is essential before you move towards the difficult ones. The NCERTs will help you in getting familiar with the concepts and have a clarity on them. Do not directly go for the high end books or resources. 

The other part which will help you to spot the difference between the Olympiad and your regular school exam will be the question paper pattern. Once you are done with the syllabus part, now just go through the question papers. This might sound like a time to you right now, but this is going to be an important aspect of your preparation. Your preparation will be effective and efficient only if you know what you are preparing for. You should know what the question paper will look like, what the marking scheme will be, how many questions from the topics, and so on. The question paper will consist of 50 objective type questions. Now since the exam is objective in nature, you figure out shortcuts or tricks to solve the problems which will help you save some time for the tough questions. Also if you look at the marking scheme, there is no negative marking which leaves some scope for guesswork. The next thing which you should look at is the weightage given to each topic in terms of marks. This will help you to understand how much priority should be given to the topics. 

After these steps, you are all set to begin with your study schedule. You can divide your daily routine in a way that you devote time to each and every topic. During this stage, you will start realizing your strengths and weaknesses. Now in this, you need to figure out and segregate the topics that you need to work on and the ones on which you have a command. In the study, schedule does not forget to include the time for revision. Regular revision is very important when it comes to math. The regular revision will ensure that the concepts are clear in your mind and you do not forget what you are studying. Do not create a gap in your preparation. Keep it consistent and stick to your schedule. 

A very important part of your preparation would be your books. It is very important to decide on the sources you will be using in your preparation. One tip which comes in handy here is that do not rush for multiple sources. Keep it simple. NCERTs should be the starting point. It is not important how many books you are referring to, rather it is important that how much you understand the concept. Also, do focus on practising variety. Try to solve as many questions as possible from a single topic. These days’ internet has an ample amount of resources to refer to. You can always seek help from the internet to get clarity on any concept or topic. If you feel the need do not shy away from going back to your class 6th Maths NCERT. Some of the sections have concepts from the class 6th syllabus. 

Now once you feel confident about your preparation, the time comes for the mock papers and previous year papers. This will give you a reality check. Do not skip this part. This is important for you to get comfortable with the exam. Mock papers will help you to understand the paper and analyze your preparation. The previous year paper will be more authentic to solve as you can analyze the kind of questions that are being frequently asked. You can solve the previous year paper for IMO Class 7 Math 2014 and even other years to have a better grasp of the questions. 

Another important aspect is the High Order Thinking Skills Questions. This section has questions from section 2 only, just that the difficulty level is high. For this section, the best tip is to separately solve all the HOTs questions from the previous year paper. This will give you an idea about the kind of questions included in this section and how you need to approach them. 

In the end, it is always suggested to be patient during your preparation. Have a positive approach and orientation towards the exam. Stay healthy and have a healthy routine.