ways to get more reviews for your online business

“For every customer who complains, 26 others remain silent.”

– White House office of consumer affairs.

Customer reviews is a powerful marketing tool for your business. According to a survey by Zendesk, 90% of participants said that positive online reviews influenced their buying decision, and 86% said their decision was influenced by negative reviews.

The problem is; customers are more likely to leave negative reviews after poor service compared to positive reviews after they’ve enjoyed excellent service.

Today, your brand is defined by those who experience it. Many businesses are worried about one or two negative reviews and the way to combat them is by adding lots of rave reviews.

It is essential that potential customers find positive reviews when they search for your business online, because they can help your business gain trust. In fact, even negative feedback helps put your business on the fast track to success – but only if your business values constant improvement.

It is vital that you not only provide exceptional service and products to your customers, but also have testimonials/reviews to show your standards to future buyers – which brings us to our 4 favorite and easy ways to get glowing reviews from your beloved customers!

Ask your happy customers!

The easiest and most straightforward way to get more customer reviews is to ask for them from customers who are happy with your service. Often, customers don’t realize the importance of their feedback or may forget to leave one.

Make sure you request them to leave one. And don’t forget to mention how their review will help other customers find your business online. It is important to make them realize how vital their feedback is to your business success. A satisfied customer is usually more than happy to oblige.

Customers are more likely to leave feedback right away, especially after they’ve just finished a call with your customer care representative, or enjoyed your swift and free shipping service. In case they still forget to send in a review, don’t hesitate to send a gentle reminder via an email or text message.

Often times, customers send in compliments via email, phone or social media messages. Receive the compliment and ask them if they’d like to help your business by leaving a feedback on your website or online portal of their choice.

Offer discounts 

Sometimes, even your most loyal customers need a reason to take time out of their busy schedule to write a review. Another way to encourage customers to leave a review for your business is to offer them a discount or incentive in return for it.

You can encourage your customers in many ways. This includes giving away a monthly gift hamper which your customers can contest by leaving a review; a discount coupon for all the customers who leave reviews between a certain timeframe; a certain percentage off on their next purchase or a free sample product in exchange for feedback.

Think of an incentive your customers would appreciate and offer them that to write a review. Incentives can sometimes seem dodgy, so make sure you ask for an honest review – something all of your customers would be happy to provide. Make sure to remind them how important their reviews and feedback are for your business and why their honest comments can make all the difference.

Use review management and generation tools

Online reviews on Google+, Facebook, Yelp, or any other site that your business has a presence on can help you gain traction when a customer comes looking for reviews. Essential for online marketing, online reviews are now akin to personal recommendations by existing users for potential users.

According to a survey conducted by BrightLocal, it was found that 84% of people trust online reviews just as much as personal recommendations. In addition to that, positive online reputation plays a huge role in your business success as 74% of users said that positive reviews make them trust a local business much more, compared to a business with negative or zero reviews.

One of the most convenient ways to track and generate reviews is to use review tracking tools such as Ureview.me. It helps you stay on top of review tracking, and lets you keep a check on what customers are thinking about your product or service.

Social media endorsements

Customer reviews on your social media portals act as influential testimonials for your potential users. When they visit your Facebook page, Instagram profile or Twitter account, they can see how many customers were satisfied with your service/product and that influences their decision in a positive way.

Social media reviews and ranking also play an important role in how your customers perceive your business, thus leading to more sales and positive business perception.

The final word

Following these 4 simple yet effective methods for customer reviews will help your business generate honest and hopefully positive reviews online. Your customers are your greatest marketers; leverage the power they hold to grow your business outreach and visibility.

Author Bio:

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