Conversion rate

The content of any website is an essential aspect of its entire usefulness. It gives your readers and visitors an idea of what they are to expect on your site. A website with no content is no website at all, and we cannot stress enough how much attention you need to pay to the materials on your websites. Your website content helps drive traffic to your site, and appealing content will make sure they keep coming back every time.

Conversion rate is how well your site visitors engage with your site. These are the actions that your visitors take on your website, actions like giving feedbacks, filling of a form, clicking on your ads, agreeing on email notifications or purchasing whatever products or services you sell on your website.

Having lots of visits on your sites is necessary but not as important as making sure those visitors engage with your content and are willing to answer your call to action. Website contents and conversion rates help with the ranking of your site, and if you want to track your website, you can get a Rank tracker app or find out here at ProRankTracker. We are here to show you six ways to make sure your contents draw more visitors to your sites and most importantly, how you can improve the conversion rates of these visits.

#1. Create exciting contents

This is one of the surest and fireproof ways to get your visitors engaged on your site. No one wants to go online and read something boring, after all, most people go online to get over boredom. Therefore, you must create content which is fun and exciting. Although not all topics can be termed as thrilling, you can write almost anything in a fun way no matter how boring the topic may actually be. So remember to keep your content exciting with the ability to grasp the attention of both your old and new site visitors.

#2. High-quality images:

There is nothing more frustrating than logging on to a site and seeing low-quality pixels and jpg files. The pictures on your website should be of high quality to get your visitors excited and willing to come back. Clear portraits are believed to invoke a feeling of excitement and satisfaction in visitors, and you should leverage on this to help draw more traffic to your site and more importantly keep them engaged.

#3. Chat function:

Put a chat tool on your website to get your visitors engaged too. You can add a live chatbot on your site to answer all and every enquiry that your visitor may have. In addition to this, also have a “frequently asked question” section to get more engagement and improve interactions on it, these, in turn, helps with conversion rate and traffic.

#4. Keep your articles at average length;

Test a different number of words for your articles and then stick with the one that gets you the highest number of engagements. There is no “correct length” of articles as this greatly depend on the content and the theme of your site. Entertainment site should not have articles with too many numbers of words while a website that deals with reviews are expected to be detailed and should, therefore, have more extensive articles. Decide what the theme of your website is and settle for the article length you feel works best for you.

#5. Limited number of fields to fill.

when you have questionnaires or a form is to be filled on your site, reduce the number of fields to be filled. Filling out forms online gets pretty boring when they are too ambiguous and takes a lot of time, so remember to stick to the points and make your fields as little as possible. Use words that are common and that can be easily understood and also avoid repetition of words.

#6. State clearly the benefits of using your product or service

If your website is about a product or service, clearly state the benefits of using/buying the product. This is quite important because it is a way to make your site visitors decide on whether or not they are interested in whatever you are offering. Explain to your potential customer how the product or service may be beneficial to them but be careful while doing this so as not to over-sell the product by adding benefits that may be deemed as false.


Remember that getting your website ranked high up is a marathon and not a sprint, so it takes time and effort to get it to that level you want it. It takes diligence and dedication so never forget that Rome, they say, was not built in a day. Remember to get rank tracker apps to monitor your website’s rank.