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New Year is just around the corner and all of you must be busy in making plans for Christmas and New Year party. These special occasions are meant to enjoy and have fun with a promise of the new beginning. You must have achieved a lot in the going year but there must have been some tasks that could not grab your attention. One such always neglected concern is our HEALTH. So amidst all the celebrations and excitement, you must also not forget your health concerns. Apart from enjoying, take a New Year resolution about your health and work hard to accomplish it. It is well known that almost everyone makes a New Year health resolution and stay hard on it in the initial months, but as the New Year ages, the resolution also becomes agile. We completely forget or neglect our health goals and become busy achieving our professional or personal goals.

But we are here to help you in achieving your health resolution. So to start with, just keep the resolutions simple and practical. Don’t overdo and commit a tad difficult resolution that you find hard to stick on. Here are a few suggestions from our side….

Practice Mindful Eating

We live in the digital world and our eyes are always glued to either TV or Laptop or mobile. We do not give them rest even while eating. This makes us eat more without knowing our hunger. So just start with limiting the portion size of every meal and eat with eyes and mind open and only looking at food. You will notice a considerable change in the amount of food you used to eat. You will also start enjoying your food even if the portion size is less. Less portion size means fewer calories and controlled weight. This will fulfil your first step towards healthiness.

Be Open-Minded to a Positive Lifestyle

It is very difficult to stay positive in every situation. But once to learn the art of being positive or train your mind to stay calm and optimistic even in difficult situations, your life will be longer and healthier. This may require you to make some changes in your lifestyle but the change is worth to take. So set your mind free and enjoy every situation. Stay calm and let the positivity flow inside you in every situation.

 Adopt an attitude of gratitude

Stress is one of the major causes of many disorders. But managing stress is actually very easy. Every morning when you are ready to start your day, just sit for a minute and recall your points of gratitude, the things that you are thankful for. Reminding ourselves about the positive aspects of our lives not only helps to develop a sense of balance and perspective but also enhances our well-being.

Stay Physically Active

Staying physically active is important to keep many of the physical disorders at bay. A recent study conducted by Brigham Young University shows that jogging or brisk walking for about 30-40 minutes can give you 9 years younger cells than your present age. This means that walking makes you look younger than your age. This reason is good enough to start walking today.

Trim the fat or Lose Excessive Weight

This is the classic and most sought-after New Year resolution. But one more fact about this resolution is that it is also the most shattered resolution. Almost everyone who is not in her/his ideal weight category wants to trim the fat and take New Year resolution to do everything to lose weight. But this does not go beyond January and all the efforts slowly come to an end and fat enjoys his position in our body. So if you are also one of those who wants to lose fat, then our advice is to set a reachable goal and then work on it. Set a target like ½ kg in one month through jogging. Once you will achieve this, you will yourself get a kick to set next target. This lost weight can actually add years to your life. But there are some persons who have unsuccessfully tried every possible way to lose those extra kilos. Sleeve Gastrectomy is the hope for those people. It is a surgical process in which stomach size is reduced so that person takes fewer calories. There are many advantages of sleeve gastrectomy that can help the hopeless obese person become fit.

Stop Sitting So much

If walking is necessary, sitting is unnecessary. Even if you cannot walk due to work commitments, it is just that you just stop sitting all day and stand up in between. Only standing can make a lot of difference and will boost your longevity. So ditch that chair and let your legs take the load.

Control High Blood Sugar In Diabetes

Diabetes is a global burden that affects more than 370 million people worldwide. The trick to managing diabetes is by controlling the blood sugar levels through healthy eating, being physically fit, managing stress, and constantly taking prescribed medications. Healthy eating and physical activity should be your New Year resolution to live long and happily even with diabetes.

Boycott Tobacco and Alcohol

Addiction of any kind is bad but the addiction to tobacco and alcohol is very bad for your health. Both these addictions take you closer to the risk of many life-threatening severe diseases. You will be surprised to know that a pack of 10 cigarettes a day can deduct 7 years from your life. So you must make every effort to get away or stay away from them.

Commit to a fitness challenge

Take a fitness challenge that you think you can achieve and commit to it for a set period of time, say 30 days. You can challenge yourself with any of these fitness challenges like one hour yoga, regular walks, gym, zoomba or any fitness class. Start with the most achievable challenge and increase the intensity every time you succeed. Success will boost your confidence and results will keep you interested in the challenge.

All these are exciting and accountable resolutions that will help you in improving your health in the New Year. But as already said making a resolution is easy but sticking to it very difficult, so boost yourself to an extent that this time you succeed in fulfilling your new resolution. Do not let any hurdle come in-between you and your health. After all, Health is wealth and everyone wants to be wealthy…

Good luck from all of us here… Stay motivated.


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