Ways that Inpatient Alcohol Rehab can help you more than just Traditional Therapy

If you are struggling with chronic alcoholism – or you are having a period in your life where you are drinking to excess thinking about alcohol all the time – this is a sign that you need help. But should you go to a treatment center for your alcohol use, or can you solve the problem with outpatient therapy? Even if you want to keep your job and remain going to school, treating your life-threatening condition is more serious than keeping a semblance of your normal life – after all, treating your alcoholism is the only way that you can get healthy, get your life back on track, and enjoy life once more!

Let’s see a few reasons why going to inpatient alcohol rehab is more beneficial than just talk therapy at a therapist’s office.

4 benefits of inpatient alcohol rehab

If you are wondering about inpatient alcohol rehab vs. outpatient talk therapy, then consider the former – it has more resources, 24/7 staff professional support, group and individual counseling, unique therapy modalities, on-site accommodation, and much more. But how does this help you with alcoholism? Find out more here.

Staff support 

The main reason that you should go to inpatient alcohol rehab instead of outpatient therapy is that it has 24/7 staff support. If you find that you have an urge to drink in the middle of the night, you can talk to any of the staff that is around to help talk you down and speak with you about why you are feeling this way. Having people around you at all times of the day or night is crucial to feeling supported and motivated during your recovery.

Medical detox

The second reason to choose an inpatient alcohol rehab is so the staff can help you through the detoxification from alcohol. If you have been drinking for many years without a break, the withdrawal process will be around 14 days of intense side effects. If you have just been on a binge, you can also experience similar side effects – the staff at the inpatient facility will be able to provide you with support, guidance, and medically assisted detox to help you through the toughest symptoms.

Group counseling

The third reason to attend inpatient alcohol rehab for your addiction is to go to group therapy sessions. In these sessions, you can speak with others who have gone through similar problems and who are on the other side – this can motivate and encourage you to keep going with your program!

Individual therapy

The last reason to go to inpatient alcohol rehab is that you can benefit from individual therapy and counseling almost every day. Instead of having to drive to a therapist’s office, you can simply go to her therapist at your facility and speak with them about any issue that you are having.


When it comes to comparing inpatient alcohol rehab vs. outpatient talk therapy, consider using inpatient therapy – this type of treatment method can help provide 24/7 support, unique therapy modalities, group counseling, individual therapy, and medical detoxification!