Ways Social Media Has Transformed Tourism Marketing

Social media is nowadays one of the famous parts of someone’s daily life. And social media has changed the way we were thinking earlier. Recently, these social media especially Facebook was quite in the news where it has been noted for the exposing of the users’ data to some third-party apps.

And with these data, companies do the analysis and target their potential customers. The same effect applies to the tourism sector as well. Earlier people use to travel some places just by looking at the places somewhere or if someone said earlier. But now everything is available online.

You just type something online and you can get complete details of that places. We can say social media has completely changed the way we used to travel and the tourism sector.

Even for a small tourist place, you can find dedicated social media pages. And when someone visits their places, they rate that place on social media so that others’ can see that and make the decision whether one should visit or not. For example, if you want to know church near me in Toronto, then simply search on Facebook or other social platform and you will get the best out of it.

Let’s see some of the other methods using which the tourism sector has been completely changed by social media.

Travel research transformed

Earlier you used to just search on the internet and some website used to write some reviews for that places. That review can be biased or unbiased as that was written by one user. But with the help of social media, you will find thousands of users writing their reviews and so, you can be sure how the place is exactly. Also, you can see which users have written what and what they are suggesting you for the same.

The rise in Social Sharing

People love to share their moments on social media to share their excitement and also to let their closed one’s knowledge about it. And so being a tourist, you won’t just have to look for the review but also, you can see their pictures shared and based on that you can decide whether you should visit the place or not. The best thing is, over 97% people visiting some places share their moments on the social media and so you can get the clear picture for the same.

Customer Service

Heard the experience that some companies or agencies were not responding to some users’ queries but once they posted on social media, there was a quick response?

Yes, this is the common cases and issues we encounter we receive. The main reason behind this is, if you write on social media, then everyone will be seeing that and by that way, a negative image getting formed on their other potential customers as well. And no company can afford to lose their customer just because of one issue and so they sort out it quickly.

Transportation system

If you want your guest to be with you for an entire journey or amazing experience, then you should have the transportation system in place. And the same is being done by all the leading hotels and guesthouses. The technology system here will help in a way like you will be able to track when your visiting guest is coming to airport or station and how you can manage your pick to them.

Also, using the GPS devices installed in your cab and some transport system app, you will be able to track your transport and manage the guest.


These were the four methods how social media has changed the tourism department. Nowadays hardly there will be any tourist who doesn’t check the social media reviews or photos before visiting the places.

So, make sure you have the proper social media pages set up which will act like your virtual addresses. Also, if you are the owner of some decent hotel or want other to know that you are doing some serious business, then you should definitely get one professional website as well. Apart from the website, you should have a good presence on the social media pages like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. to interact and manage the new customers.