Trucking Company

Whether you are a truck driver or not, maintenance is key when it comes to ensuring the well-functioning of your vehicle. Many accidents could be prevented with proper maintenance. However, truck drivers are on the road for days on end – something that a regular passage vehicle does not experience. Trucks suffer substantial wear and tear with the passing of the time. Any reputable trucking company needs to implement and respect a maintenance plan whose function is not solely to preserve cleanliness, but also to preserve the brand image.

A clean truck is the reflection of a reputable trucking company 

Business owners know that the company vehicles are a reflection of their business.

Allowing debris to build up on the truck’s surface for a long period of time will not only damage the vehicle’s paint, but also the company’s image.

The equivalent of sweeping dirt under the rug would be allowing dirt to accumulate on the underside of your truck. This is the most neglected area of a vehicle but also the most vulnerable to external factors.

Of course, you could rely on self-service options for undercoating your truck but for the best possible results, it is recommended that a  professional takes care of your truck/ truck fleet. Prior to contracting an expert, it would be best to research the market and find the most advantageous solution.

Truck accessories also need maintenance 

Accessories like truck racks, toolboxes or a tonneau cover require quite the investment. Therefore, any private truck owner or truck company should go to great lengths to keep them clean and extend their longevity as much as possible. However, once accessories are frayed, do not hesitate  to replace them. A common reason for truck accidents is, for example, frayed straps that cannot tie down the load properly.

If you prefer to clean the cover by hand, you could use a soft bristle brush to scrub the tonneau cover with, or even  a specialty cleaner for tonneau covers.Remember to do this process in a a shaded and/or covered area. Once you found a good spot, rinse the cover thoroughly with cold water to remove any debris and dust deposits.

Brake problems can also be quite a common occurrence for truck drivers, which can be easily avoided with proper maintenance. There are 18 tires on a tractor-trailer and several independent braking systems and one malfunction is enough to damage the entire stopping system. Common problems with truck brakes include worn pads and leaking brake fluid.

After many years of trial and error, we finally found a maintenance routine that helps We hope these recommendations for truck maintenance will prove to be useful. If you are looking for advice specifically targeted at car maintenance, you can check out this article here.