Top Resume Tips For That Tech Job

So how is your job hunt in the technology sector going? Is it not according to your plan? Are you not getting a reply from employers and wondering why? We’ve got some handy little tricks for you which will get your resume to the hiring manager’s table.  Take a quick glance at the below smart resume tips to draft the ‘perfect resume’ to grab the job.


If you are going to apply for a job in the tech industry, and don’t know what keywords are, then you are standing in the line facing backwards. Keywords are specific terms that allow search engines to index certain web pages or files. Search engines are not limited to browsers. Big multinational corporations and agencies also employ search engines to ‘filter’ our applications and narrow down their search for their perfect candidate. It is not because they are lazy, but the sheer volume of applications need a practical solution to be processed, and this is it. So have the right ‘keywords’ on your resume to get through this first hurdle. Which keywords? The skills and qualifications mentioned in the job description, of course.

Accomplishments vs Responsibilities

Hiring managers are looking for talented people who have accomplished tasks beyond a certain job description or volunteering opportunity. They are not looking for what your responsibilities were. They are looking for that extra ordinary thing that you did in your previous opportunity; other than the responsibilities you handled, for which you were paid for anyway. So, if there is anything that you did which was a significant contribution to your previous employer, list it out.

Numbers speak more than words

Your accomplishment should be quantified. Vague descriptions are out; numbers are in. For example, if you saved work hours, you need to specify how many against how many it would have been without your brilliant contribution. These numbers are your evidence and they will make your case stronger than anyone else who has not thought about this.

 Get rid of the ‘Objectives’

We live in a world where an individual either gets a job done, or not. That individual’s objectives are much less important than they once used to be. It is as if nobody cares what you want to be or what you plan to do. If you’ve got skills and can do what is required of you, great. You’ll be hired. If you start writing about your goals in life, your resume will most likely end up in the bin. So get rid of this section and use it for providing more evidence.

Reduce redundant information

Hobbies and extra-curricular activities are like objectives as far as ‘getting the job done’ is concerned. The lesser of them on the resume, the better. If you do want to include some, make sure they are somehow related to the job you are applying for. You can talk at lengths about your fishing trips at the interview, provided the question comes up at all.

The same principle applies to some soft skills as well. For example, when you mention that you are a ‘team player’, you should have evidence to back it up. If you cannot prove that you were an integral part of the team by making a significant contribution will fail to get any attention. Similarly, punctuality, dedication and devotion are expected out of a candidate. Mentioning these ‘soft’ skills on your resume will not do anything for you except increasing your word count for no reason.


Having a clear, consistent and professional theme and accompanying fonts is the best thing you can have for your tech resume. The elegant structure and formatting will certainly strike a chord with the manager. There is a certain charm to a well-structured resume that resonates well with hiring managers.

Using italics and bold for the keyword can increase the attention span of the hiring manager. If you have worked for a reputable company, highlighting it is sure to increase your chances of beating other applicants.

So, use these tips and tailor your tech resume for your dream job to increase your chances of getting it in front of the hiring manger’s eyes.