Top 3 Effective & Easy Yoga Poses For Strengthening Immunity

Yoga is one of the best and effective ways to keep common ailments at bay and balances the body and mind. Proper eating habits, buying the best supplement online for maintaining overall health and good hygiene habits are beneficial, but yoga can be helpful for building immunity and helps you to live a happy and healthy life. In order to strengthen the body’s defense system, practising yoga and meditation daily is the best thing. An efficient immune system combats pathogens and keeps you healthy and free from any illnesses.

1. Tadasana

It is one of the basic postures of all standing yoga postures. 


  • It stretches the entire body and improves the immune system. 
  • It also improves the joints flexibility and strengthens the nervous system. 
  • It improves concentration. 
  • It also lengthens the spine and improves body posture. 

How to perform 

  1. Stand straight and legs apart.
  2. While inhaling slowly, raise the arm upwards and interlock your fingers. 
  3. Gently stand on the toes and stretch the body upwards. 
  4. Hold the breath in this position, and then exhale while getting to the initial position.


  • If you have low blood pressure issues avoid holding onto this asana for too long as it can cause dizziness. 
  • Don’t perform this pose, if you have muscle weakness, strain on your back, and severe migraine.

2. Garudasana

It is another standing pose and looks like an eagle. 


  • This pose improves the immune system by enhancing blood circulation. 
  • The squeezing activity in the arms and legs is what helps in increasing blood circulation and removing toxins from the body.
  • It is also helpful in improving concentration. 
  • It reduces the stiffness between your shoulder blades and across the spine. 

How to perform 

  1. Sit in a squat chair pose. 
  2. Put weight on the left foot, and simultaneously put the right foot over the left foot and attach it to your calf.
  3. Put your right thigh over your left thigh as high as you can.
  4. Adjust the arms and cross the left arm to the right, cross the wrist and attach the elbows.
  5. Raise elbows to height of shoulders while holding your shoulders, and shift away from your ears.
  6. And keep your spine and head straight.
  7. Hold the position for 5-7 breaths and repeat from opposite legs and arms. 


  • If you have knee, wrist, and ankle injury, avoid doing this pose.
  • Pregnant women in the 3rd trimester should avoid doing this asana.

3. Balasana

It is a perfect yoga posture, for breath relaxation, which allows you to come to peace with the body. 

How to perform 

  1. Sit with knees apart, and the hips touching heels.
  2. Put hands backward and your palm down
  3. While exhaling, bend down and bring the chest between the thighs.
  4. Hold onto this posture for 2 minutes with the normal breathing.
  5. Return to the previous position slowly. 


  • Important yoga posture that enhances immunity.
  • It tones abdominal muscles, and strengthens the mechanism of digestion.
  • It stretches the lower back and spine and relaxes the whole body.
  • It also reduces back and neck pain.


People with ankle and knee injuries should avoid doing this pose. 


Yoga not only improves external physique but also the immune system also. Yoga for immunity contains yogic methods of breathing that protect the lungs and stimulate the immune system. 

In addition to having a balanced diet, enough sleep, and remaining stress-free, you must do yoga daily under professional guidance. So, try these above mentioned yoga poses for good immune system health. 

What is your favourite yoga pose and why? Feel free to share with us in the comments section below.