The most important thing you need to remember to ensure safe travels is keeping your RV in top condition. RV maintenance is a big job, but it can save you from costly repairs or worse, road accidents. An RV is a serious investment. More than routine cleaning, it requires a thorough inspection so minor problems can be immediately addressed. There are aspects of your RV that need to be inspected throughout the year so when the times comes that you need to use your RV, you will have peace of mind because it is in great condition.

Exterior Maintenance

The exterior of your RV needs to be presentable. You can extend its life by storing it properly when not in use. Even if you make it a point to take good care of your RV, proper storage is not enough to maintain it. Exterior maintenance is also important. You can do this by bathing your RV at least twice a year. You can start from top to bottom. Once cleaned, wax the exterior so it will look good as new. Without a doubt, RV maintenance is a serious job.

When you improperly store, wash or wax your RV, there are serious consequences that you have to carry out. The repair can be very expensive, especially if part of your RV’s exterior has faded. Restoring your RV to its best condition comes at a steep price. When washing your RV, start from the top down. Be sure to scrub the roof, washing the dirt downward.

You should not also forget the awning when cleaning your RV’s exterior. Allow the awning and the RV to dry completely. Be sure to use a chamois or towel when needed. You should check the seals around your doors, storage compartments and windows while you are waiting for your RV to dry. For your RV to shine, apply a wax which is specifically made for RVs. While the cleaning job can be challenging, you need to take it slow.

Apply the wax by working in two-foot sections. Let the wax dry before wiping the excess off. The wax will serve as your RV’s sunscreen that protects the vehicle’s finish so you can prevent it from fading and cracking. For your tires, you need to use soap and degreaser treatment. A water-based tire dressing must also be applied. When cleaning your tires, you should also use this as an opportunity to check their pressure. You should also look for signs of wear.

If you have not been using your RV for a season, you have to check your tires for cracks or rot. It is also important to treat your locks, hinges and exposed metal using a spray lubricant as it prevents rust and ensures that all the parts are going to move freely.

Interior Maintenance

You might get easily carried away by the idea of taking a vacation in an RV. However, maintaining your RV should not slip your mind as keeping it in top condition ensures safety. The upholstery and carpets need extra care because they create a lasting impression. Consider sweeping or vacuuming daily so you can get rid of dirt and stain. When floor coverings and carpets do not receive regular cleaning, they can easily wear out.

Consider adding a shoe rack or container outside the entrance of your RV so you prevent bringing dirt inside. If you have spent your day at the beach or on the trails, avoid taking a seat without spreading a blanket or towel across the chair or sofa. It prevents dirt or grime build up which is hard to remove once it starts to accumulate.

Check your carpets first before stowing your RV. Are there any untreated moist spots or stains? They can worsen once you close your RV for a season. Scheduling a deep cleaning at least once a year will make sure that your carpets are free of dirt and stains. For bowls and basins, you should also consider wiping surfaces. You will also need to use a stronger cleaner if the dirt has already accumulated.

However, you need to read the label as stronger cleaners may be harsh for RV materials and may result is discoloring basins or bowls. When scheduling a deep cleaning, you have to include wiping down the walls, ceiling, and cooling areas. You should also check the cabinets and drawers after your trip as there might be messes and spills that you have to clean. It is important to empty cabinets once a year, especially after your trip. Get rid of dust, spills, and crumbs with your vacuum. Be sure to clean out drawers as thoroughly as possible so they always look like new. A Dallas RV dealer can also provide you with more maintenance tips to extend the life of your recreational vehicle.