3 Things Your Lingerie Says About Your Personality

Did you ever consider what your lingerie says about you and your personality? Think about whether you’ve always enjoyed boy short underwear and basic bras, traditional cotton cuts, or something feminine, soft, and elegant. Your mind might instantly conjure an image of the type of person who wears each style. 

Do you fit into any of these personality types? It might help to know this if you are trying to convey a special message to your significant other to spur more romance. If so, you might need some hints. 

Here are three lingerie styles and how they correspond to personality type to help you figure out your own. 

1. The Demure Girl-Next-Door Personality

If you like to keep it simple, wearing cotton bikini briefs and racerback bras for undergarments during the day and a simple sleepshirt for bed, you might best identify with this lingerie personality type. The demure girl-next-door loves simplicity, cultivating a world focused on “no fuss, no muss.” Women who prefer this style highlight their natural beauty, accenting it with subtle lingerie pieces that are unstructured but soft. 

If this sounds like you, you probably have a great deal of comfort in your own skin, and you don’t worry about what others think of you too much. Most of all, you want lingerie, like everything else, that is as reliable and comfortable as it is attractive, making it attractive on its own when you’re wearing it. You’re probably also thrifty and know how to look great in any situation without overdressing or underdressing. For more intimate occasions, you might opt for a satin chemise that subtly-but-surely hints at your desires. 

2. The Free-Spirited Tomboy

The free-spirited tomboy might be a close cousin to the demure girl-next-door, but some key differences make you stand out as a tomboy. Likely, one of your highest priorities in lingerie as a tomboy is finding pieces that provide freedom of movement, such as basics like cotton briefs or boy shorts. Standard rules of fashion don’t apply to you since you are busy marching to your own tune. 

You’re probably fit, active, and ready to spring to action even when at home relaxing. That means you need lingerie, day and night, that allows you the freedom to hop up and throw on some jeans and a T-shirt to meet friends at the cafe around the corner before heading to bed. For sultrier moments, you still might prefer to keep it simple wearing sweet and sexy lingerie, such as rompers or flirty ruffled short-and-bra pajama sets. You can find these options at online retailers like 3Wishes. 

3. The Siren 

The siren lingerie type is brimming with confidence and passion, and it shows. If you fall under this category, you might find that you have a sassy attitude to spare and love luxury. You live for glamour 24/7, meaning you might wear satin or lace-based underwear and bras during the day, and at night, you go all out wearing v-cut teddies, negligees, corsets, and bustiers. No matter what style you choose, you insist on the best quality to achieve the look you want. 

Have You Figured Out Your Lingerie Personality Type? 

These are only a few of the many lingerie personality types. You might feel you’re more of a hopeless romantic who loves embroidered teddies, a vixen who loves to show off your curves in bodysuits, or a fetishist who enjoys mesh fabrics and caged designs. In any case, once you find your lingerie personality type, you can buy the perfect pieces every time, helping you feel comfortable and desirable all day long.