If you haven’t heard about MediaTakeOut, it is a gossip website that started in 2006. It’s among sites with lots of visitors every day looking for the latest updates about their favorite celebrities.

Today, we look at the 13 things you probably don’t know MediaTakeOut:

#1. Fred Mwangaguhunga Is the Founder

He founded this site after noticing a market gap and saw the need for a website that would purposely be about African American celebrities. Fred Mwangaguhunga received a lot of criticism and was told the site would never succeed because not a lot of people would be interested in it.

#2. The Founder of MediaTakeOut Was A Corporate Lawyer Before Starting it

Fred is a lawyer and a graduate from the City University in New York before starting MediaTakeOut. Fred vowed never to return to his law career even if he didn’t run MediaTakeOut anymore.

#3. The Site Uses A Blog Style

Media TakeOut has maintained its blog writing style since the day it started up to now. The writing tone used on this website is usually informal, and most posts are published individually. The latest stories always get more preference on the homepage hence making them first on the page.

#4. MediaTakeOut Is the Urban Website with The Highest Number of Visitors on The Planet

There are several sources whose reports have shown MediaTakeOut being the only urban website that attracts a lot of visitors compared to other sites in the world. MediaTakeOut has had a total of 30 million visitors and has appeared among 10,000 top rated websites on Alexa.

#5. Fred Used Less Than $30 To Start MediaTakeOut

He said that it cost him $19.99 to get a Yahoo account and around $7.99 to get his domain name which is just about what you spend on your extreme iron pro gym. Fred adds that he tries to monitor every expense and everything he does to ensure he continues growing organically and in terms of revenue.

#6. MediaTakeOut Gets Most of Its Stories from Different Insiders

Something you didn’t know about MediaTakeOut is that it gets its stories from people close to the celebrities they base their blogs on. Most of the time, they work with the family members of stars or their staff to get stories to write about. However, MediaTakeOut keeps its sources very confidential, making it hard to know where they get their information.

#7. Fred Didn’t Initially Start This Site as An Urban Site

MediaTakeOut first started as ten percent an urban site. It was after a month or so that he decided to make it entirely urban even though it didn’t have a lot of visitors then.

#8. MediaTakeOut Is Well Known for Making Sensational Headlines

Headlines are a very crucial part of every blog post as they determine whether the reader will continue reading or not. MediaTakeOut manages to come up with astonishing headlines which catch every eye and be the talk all over as much as the content itself.

#9. It Broke Some of The Biggest Stories About Celebrities

The founder has managed to ensure the site does not only report what people are already talking about but breaks stories that are high profile too. Kim Kardashian’s first pregnancy and Michael Jordan divorce are some of the big stories it broke.

#10. MediaTakeOut Once Made Kanye West Upset

There was a time when the site had a good relationship with the superstar Kanye West, but that didn’t last for long. Kanye West launched his clothing collection at Madison Square Garden and MediaTakeOut happened to review it. Kanye West was not pleased by how it wasn’t as complimentary about his cloth line as he’d have wanted them to be. To make up for the mistake, MediaTakeOut decided to do another review. The second one was better. However, it didn’t please Kanye too. The relationship between him and MediaTakeOut changed from that day up to date.

#11. Media Take Out Makes Original Programming

One of the plans of Media take out is expanding to radio and TV which they have already started as they’re broadcasting a dating show from their homepage. This dating show usually has a new episode every week, but there might be other shows in the future running on the site daily.

#12. Facebook Has Been One of Its Significant Tools for Getting Traffic

MediaTakeOut has taken advantage of social media’s popularity and used it to drive more traffic to the site. Facebook contributed to their fast growth since it allows people to click a link to the site from their page, which would take them to the MediaTakeOut website. Also, a lot of people share content from this site, which increases its traffic significantly.

#13. Media Take Out Is the Most Unique and Appealing Gossip Blog

Media Take Out has created a lot of audiences, and influence as it has focused more on building its brand compared to most urban websites whose main aim is to make money.

MediaTakeOut is currently on the top spot, and if it continues with its uniqueness and focus, it might remain unbeatable for quite a long time.

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