Emerging Technology Trends

Technology has become the base of our mankind. With the advancement of technology, our life is becoming smarter, easier and convenient as well. But you will only be able to utilize the potential and benefits of technological advancements when you will have proper knowledge about them. 

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Top Emerging Technology Trends For 2022 You Should Be Aware Of

Here, in this article, we will talk about some of the top technology trends that will make your life much easier by 2022. Knowing about all these technologies will also allow you to make your life smarter, easier, and advanced. So, let’s check them out. 

  • Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning

The list of top technology trends has to start with AI and machine learning. Artificial intelligence has already become an immense part of our life. Whether it is our personal life or our professional life, AI and machine learning have immense contributions. 

Whether it is face recognition, or voice recognition, or smartphone personal assistance, or navigation, everything is the prominent and common example of AI. 

  • BitTorrenting

Peer-to-peer file transferring is becoming the new way of sharing and transferring large-size files and a lot of data. When we are talking about peer-to-peer file sharing, BitTorrent has to be there, as this is one of the most popular internet transfer protocols. 

It is fast, secure, and only limited to the particular network. There is no central authority present for regulating the data you are transferring. This is the reason why many big companies are utilizing the potential of Bittorrent. 

  • Blockchain

Blockchain is another amazing technology, which has already changed the traditional financial system. Blockchain has the potential of offering the security and privacy most of us currently thrive on. 

The absence of any central authority and transparency are making this amazing technology more popular. Apart from that, this secured network is almost impossible to hack or damage. 

  • Internet of Things (IoT)

Since its innovation, the internet has changed our entire life. From home security systems to smart home appliances, IoT or the Internet of Things is fulfilling its responsibility quite well and impressively. 

You can now lock the room door remotely; with just a voice command, you can access any of the pieces of information available on the internet. However, there are a lot of things yet to be imp[orved and enhanced for the overall betterment of IoT technology. 

  • Edge Computing

Who does not know about cloud computing? Well, everyone does, and at present, it has already become an immense part of our regular life. The opportunity of storing data online and the advantages of accessing them whenever and wherever you want to is actually lovely. 

Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services are dominating the entire market. You can hardly find a business, which is not utilizing the amazing benefits of edge or cloud computing. 

  • RPA Or Robotic Process Animation

Similar to Artificial Intelligence and machine learning RPA or Robotic Process Automation is another technology, which is capable of automating jobs. RPA involves the usage of software for automating business processes, for example, transaction processing, interpreting applications, replying to official emails, and even dealing with data. 

In short, RPA automates all those repetitive tasks, which used to be done by us. It has the capability of replacing human professions, which is a potential threat to manpower. 

  • Quantum Computing

You might have been thinking about it from the very beginning. It is another technology trend where computing takes advantage of quantum phenomena, such as quantum entanglement and superposition. 

You will find its involvement in preventing the spread of dangerous coronavirus and creating its vaccine. All credit goes to the ability to easily monitor, query, analyze along with the act on data of quantum computing. 

Final Talks

Everything comes with a price. The same goes for technology trends as well. When technology is making our life simpler and more convenient, it also possesses several threats like replacing the requirement of human hands and reducing the need for human resources.