TCL 10

Enjoy everything that is best with the TCL 10 Pro phone launched in the market. This blog is about honest review and giving you the good start to get used to the new generation smartphones backed by AI, VR, and other top-notch modules that are in demand for the upcoming decade in vision.

A strong first impression

When you are studying and testing this phone, it creates the best impression with edgy design, stunning camera outlook, and the mid-price range. We can say this phone’s design is little or more out of the norm.

It is not like your normal curvy flagship Android phones. The edgy and smooth design with the AMOLED screen speaks volumes about the thought that has gone behind the manufacturers of this product.

Performance is mediocre

When we talk about the performance of TCL 10 Pro, it’s nothing outstanding. The phone has a Qualcomm Kryo 460 eight-core CPU, and it also has Adreno 612 GPU. Thus, this phone is highly optimised for HD and other resolution games for serious players.

Truth be told, with the latest Adreno 612 series, there is a boost of more than 20 percent smooth performance in the entire duration of the gameplay.

However, backed by Qualcomm, we wouldn’t expect anything less either. So, it’s a given that Qualcomm often brings out the graphic units’ series that can be fitting for the heavy gameplay or the regular use of the smartphone where high-resolution activities or screen time is required.

Better biometric features

Most smartphones are still struggling to get the biometric features right, for example, fingerprint sensors and face unlock. If we compare TCL 10 Pro with Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei, and other smartphones, we are getting a better service from this phone, surprisingly.

It proves the point that this phone has been regularly tested for the AI and VR modules, including the biometric sensing features that it is brimmed with. We have tested the fingerprint sensor and face unlock of this phone.

It works fine in most of the tests, which otherwise would have turned out to be a failure in other latest smartphones of this price range.

A little hassle in the sunlight

Even though this phone has an AMOLED screen backed with Nxtvision display, the performance of this phone in direct sunlight can be a hassle to manage. We know that this phone has converted SDR to HDR for a better Netflix media experience.

But, when you try to adjust the brightness in the sunlight, initially, there is difficulty in finding the right options on the screen. So, you have to manage the brightness or the display before you step out in the direct sunlight when you are using TCL 10 Pro.

The powerful and wonderful strip of the back cameras

The most unique and amazing feature of this phone is the styling of its back cameras. There is no friction, no bulky feeling, and nothing irritating about these four cameras that are nicely and minimally placed behind the phone.

This is a style that’s not seen on most phones these days. This style actually promotes the minimalist way of handling the camera strip, using them without trouble, and never feeling anything bulky whenever you are trying to click amazing rear camera photos anywhere and anytime.

Unexpected colour choice

This phone is nothing like the mediocre phones we use if we talk about particular specifications. This includes the choice of colours manufacturers have picked for this phone. They are really trying hard to break the stereotype market for smartphones in the world.

This phone’s body is brought in the market with Forest Mint Green and Amber Gray colours. These colour choices are so unique, new, and refreshing that you would be compelled to check its features at least once.

We can say the manufacturers of this phone are quite smart and have fairly done their market research on the trends of smartphones running amok.

Our Final Verdict?

TCL 10 Pro is a phone of the new decade. It has the potential to break the norm of the smartphone industry. We can say it is a good start for those who want to try a new brand, a new product, and a phone that might have multiple hidden features revealed after its use.