Car Accident

Accidents never happen with prior intimation. Just when you are least prepared, you are stuck with the situation of facing a car accident. Unfortunately handling a car accident and claiming its compensation is not something you can tackle on your own. It is always advisable to ask for the help of a person who has experience in taking such matters.

However, the choice should not be rushed, and here are 5 suitable questions you must ask your car accident lawyer before you hire him.

What is your area of expertise?

Do you go to a neurosurgeon when you have a stomach upset? No, you don’t and that is because he does not have the required expertise to address your problem. Hence you would have to ask your lawyer whether he has the experience to tackle cases that deal with personal injuries and compensation. Mazin & Associates, PC deal in personal injury law and could be your help and guide in such a stressful situation.

How many attorneys would be working on the case? 

Sometimes the person you are dealing with is the only one experienced in that field. However, in a reputed firm, there is a proper team that deals with the entire situation. They are equipped to analyze all the aspects of the case and identify the way from where maximum compensation can be sought. It is also possible that the person who is dealing with you will steer away and leave the job for his juniors to handle. Better ask in advance about who would pull the strings here so as to get the best result later.

How long will the case resolution take?

Legal matters take time and any immediate help is impossible to expect. However, you can ask the attorney how much could be the expected time for the same to happen. If you have been dealing with medical issues tackling the bills could be difficult. You would want a quick result but only the lawyer can tell you if the same is plausible given the circumstances.

Can anything be done to increase the chances of winning?

If you have filed a case you would want that the sooner you get the money the better it is for you. However, just by signing a lawyer getting the same done is not possible. You should find out or ask him if there are any steps you may take to ensure that things work smoothly. He may ask you to take a second medical opinion or fill up some extra forms, be cooperative, and do so.

Does he have any references of past work?

A personal injury case involves much effort from your side and hence you would not want to goof up on the same. Ask your attorney if he has any past clients or references to show that he has tackled such cases before meeting you. Apart from that, you may also want to ask how many of the cases were victories for his clients. This would give an idea of his success rate and that would make him a good option to choose.