Steps to Make the Most of a College Visit

Choosing a good college is an important step in ensuring you can pursue the career of your dreams. Counselors suggest you visit potential colleges to get a feel for how you’d fit in and to learn more about the programs offered. To get the most out of a college visit, follow these four steps:

Tour the College and Dorm Rooms

Instead of wandering around aimlessly once you get to a college, see if you can get a tour of the college and dorm rooms from an upper classman. This will provide you with a lot more information than a map. Plus, a tour will help you get a better feel for the culture on campus and help you determine whether it’s a place you want to spend the next four years or not. Most colleges have a student life department where you can set up a campus tour. You should try to book a tour before you go.

Schedule a Meeting With a Guidance Counselor

The best way to learn more about a specific program at a college is to talk with a guidance counselor who helps students in that program. Before you go to visit a college, call and get an appointment with a counselor. That way, you can make sure there is time to have all of your questions answered and that the counselor will make time for you. If you can’t schedule an appointment, you should still be able to talk to a guidance counselor on the phone or try to stop by.

Pick up a College Newspaper

Most colleges have lots of events and clubs to make your college experience more rewarding and well-rounded. The best way to learn about events is to look at a college newspaper. It will give you insight into college life and help you decide if the college is right for you. You can typically find the school newspaper near the dining hall, library, or in any of the larger buildings on campus. If you can’t find it, try to get a digital copy on the college’s website.

Plan Time to Drive Around in the Area

As a student, you spend most of your time on campus, but you also want to know about what’s available off campus. During your college visit, plan time to drive around the city. This will give you a better idea of where you can look for a job, alternative places to live, and what things you can do when you’re not studying. Make sure that you also book a hotel near the college you’re visiting to get a feel for the commute. After you’re accepted to the college, you might be able to spend a night in the dorms to see if it’s the right place for you to live.

A little preparation can make your college visit more productive, informative, and fun. Do you have any other advice on how to make the most of your college trip? Leave a comment below.