Specialties in Law

In most service industries, people have a specialty; something they’re exceptionally better at within their field. The same goes for those that practice law. Think for a second how many rules and regulations there are in the world. How could one lawyer possibly know everything about everything? Usually, lawyers are passionate about a topic or two and focus their practice around people who need help in that area. No matter what specialty a lawyer chooses, they should all strive to make themselves stand out by earning honors like lawyers of distinction. Below are some of the specialties in law that attorneys practice along with what they really mean.

Corporate law: When putting together a business, there are a lot of rules and regulations that need to be followed. Lawyers help set up these establishments as different types of businesses including LLC’s, corporations, etc. Corporate lawyers can also help with the legality of mergers and acquisitions. These lawyers can also help with liability issues and intellectual property protection.

Civil rights law: Civil rights lawyers typically help people go against the government when they feel that their civil rights have been violated. Some cases involve discrimination, sexism, racism, freedom of expression, and being restricted from entitlements that you should not be constrained from.

Environmental law: This type of law revolves around exactly what it sounds like. These lawyers could represent the government, individuals, or organizations with an interest in the environment. Popular topics in environmental law include pollution, land usage issues, and corporate law involving the environment.

Family law: family law is a little less intense than criminal law in the sense that these lawyers help settle disputes between family members. Often, the case involves the custody of a child that’s the product of adoption, divorced or separated parents. More intense cases involve child abuse. These lawyers also aid in the law aspect of marriages of any sex-to-sex partnership.

Immigration law: In order to become a legitimate citizen of the United States there is a lot of paperwork to be filled out and forms to be filed. For someone who’s just entered the U.S or has been here for a long time, getting this process started and finished effectively can be tricky. Immigration lawyers specialize in immigration law and therefore it varies dramatically in the different countries.

Intellectual property law: intellectual property can be a book, movie, logo, saying, software, song, and many other things that involved an artistic creation. In order to protect the inventor or creator from being taken advantage of, intellectual property lawyers can help them set up things like patents, copyrights, trademarks , or trade secrets. These lawyers can also help their clients fight against people who infringe upon their IP protection form.

Employment law: This type of law usually has to do with the relationship between workers and their employers. Disputes might involve employee’s level of compensation, harassment, or even discrimination in the workplace. Often, workers who are a part of a workers union, but that’s not always the case use these lawyers.

Personal injury law: If someone gets hurt regardless if the pain inflicted was intentional or unintentional, the person who suffered injuries can sue the person who caused them. These lawyers are experienced in tort law as well as cases involving medical malpractice. The injury does not have to be physical for the victim to have a case, it can be psychological as well.

Real estate law: When buying a new home, building a new home, renting, or selling, there are laws involved that may go over the head of the average consumer. Lawyers who specialize in this area can help those involved smooth out any wrinkles in the process.

When seeking out the help from a lawyer, it’s important to check their specialty before hiring them. You wouldn’t want a divorce attorney working on your taxes, would you?