Sore Throat

A sore throat is not a new term to most of us. It may have happened to you at least once in your life. It mostly comes when the weather is not conducive or when you have heard lots of cold meals such as your favorite ice cream. A sore throat can affect your speech or eating pattern if it is severe.

10+ Home Remedies for a Sore Throat

It may be a sign of flu that may appear a few days after it. You may have a burning or itching effect on your throat which can make you uncomfortable. We know how irritating it can get so we are here to help by giving you these tips. Read on!

Try salt water

It is hard to scratch your throat from the inside, but warm, salty water can do the trick. Use warm water to gaggle as you allow the salt to pull mucus from the inflamed tissues of your throat. The area is probably swollen, and salt water will give you relief and reduce the swelling. You can use half a spoon of salt water to gaggle then spit it instead of swallowing it. Frequent gaggling eases a sore throat.

Use lozenge

Use lozengeYou can get this component from a pharmacy. It contains ingredients such as methanol that numb the tissues around your throat. It prevents you from pain or burning effect for a while.
You can also use candy which gives you temporary relief. They make you produce more saliva to lubricate your throat. Medicated lozenges are however, better than candy or cough drops. If the victim is a child, don’t use lozenges on them since they can chock from this substance.

Consider OTC pain relievers

Doctors say that sore throats come from a virus. That is why you don’t need antibiotics to relieve your throat. OTC medicines have anti-inflammatory properties that can help reduce your sore throat. They include medicines such as ibuprofen, naproxen or Motrin. They not only minimize inflammation, but also get rid of the swelling and scratching sensation.

Replace sugar with natural sweeteners

Use honey on your warm tea instead of adding refined sugar. It soothes the irritation caused by a sore throat since it is a cough suppressant. You also need tea to hydrate your body which is also useful in healing a sore throat. Instead of taking milk tea, try green tea. It acts as an antibacterial reliever and an antioxidant.

Try sage spray

Combined Echinacea and sage are herbal remedies to help you soothe your sore throat to give you relief. It works just as OTC relievers. You can also try alternative herbal medicines such as licorice root, slippery elm or marshmallow root. You can use these roots in the form of tea to reduce the pain that comes with a sore throat. Sometimes, a sore throat can make it hard for you to swallow food. Use marshmallow tea to minimize this pain.

Remain hydrated

The lack of enough water in your body makes it hard for your mouth to produce sufficient saliva for lubrication. If you are dehydrated, it worsens any swelling as well as inflammation around your throat. As you use, tea, also incorporate lots of water and warm soup in your diet. Don’t use excess hot soup which can burn a painful throat and worsen the problem. Alcohol and caffeine should not be part of your drinks.


A mist humidifier gives you have sufficient moisture in a room. Breathe into your humidifier to get that moist air that can soothe the swollen tissues in both your throat and your nose. There are affordable humidifiers in the market that can help you get relief or irritable sore throats.

Take a steam bath

If you don’t have a humidifier, a steam bath will do. You can utilize the steam from your bath to minimize the swelling and ease sore throat pain. Alternatively, use hot water in a sink and use the steam from it.

You can also use the traditional method of a placing your head on top of the hot water bowl and a towel over your head. Take a deep breath of the steam and enjoy instant soothing effect that you get from it. Feel free to add a menthol ointment to help you decongest from the menthol aromas.

Check your position

Maintain appropriate positions and use an additional pillow below your head when you lie down. It gives you an extra height that makes it easier for you to breath, thus relieving congestion in your throat. This prevents you from sleeping while your mouth is open which causes excessive dryness that is not good for a sore throat.


You need enough rest and fewer movements outdoors that can worsen your sore throat especially if it is cold outside. Cover yourself with warm clothes including scarves around your neck. Do not strain to speak much if it has tampered with your voice. Resting the voice for a while is advisable.

Adjust your home

Sore throats don’t go well with irritants such as smoke or dust. Get someone to help you clean up your home to eliminate any dust that can worsen your condition. Avoid staying in areas with lots of smoke. Drop the cigarettes if you have a sore throat. The habit is addictive and dangerous for other body organs such as the lungs.

Seek professional help

Though most sore throats are from a virus, some may be from streptococcus bacteria. This kind is not easy to treat with the methods above. Doctors call it strep throat. You are likely to experience fever together with a sore throat.
They may rub a swab on your back part of your throat to acquire secretion. They then test the sample to ascertain if it is a virus or bacteria. Your doctor can prescribe the right antibiotic to give you relief and eliminate the fever if the tests show bacteria.

Final thoughts

A sore throat can either indicate something mild like flu or something severe like bacterial infection. That is why you can never ignore it. We have seen useful tips that can help you reverse this irritating condition from home. They are simple techniques that are not expensive to use. Using them guarantees you a decongested throat. We know you cannot wait to get your voice back, so try them today.