Real Estate In New Mexico

Have you been wondering where to make your next real estate investment? The warm weather and multiculturalism of Albuquerque are only a couple reasons why it is an excellent pick for your next home. The range of options available can make the purchasing process quite daunting indeed. We’ve highlighted some of the flourishing neighborhoods that we think deserve your time and attention, including homes for sale in Albuquerque.


Dating back to the 1700s as a founding Spanish Colonial town, this deep desert real estate gold mine is sure to have something you like. Nestled in the middle of sounding deserts there is a wide variety of natural elements to experience as soon as you leave the city’s borders. Still quite under the radar as a tourist destination, the city is slowly growing in terms of size and activity options while retaining its very quaint and unique feel. The balloon fiesta is a festival hosted in October every year, bringing an international audience and competitors, Local breweries are also very up and coming so both day and nightlife are filled with innovative spirits and beverages for you to sample. There are numerous hikes surrounding the city that are perfect for a family day out. To get a sense of the city’s historical past, you can visit one of the many indigenous museums and heritage centers. These also boast wonderfully accessible expositions for young children and adults alike. To start you on your journey of housing options in New Mexico, we would suggest taking a look at Albuquerque real estate to get a taste of what the region has to offer.

Rio Rancho

With a population of about 100,000 and just north of the better known Albuquerque, Rio Rancho has something to offer for any type of budget or interest. As a rapidly growing city, it has been boasted as one of the safest places to live in the state and has a number of new schools and educational facilities to accommodate the growing number of families that arrive here each year. The economic surge over the past decade is certainly one of many aspects that are quickly attracting outsiders. You can get more home for your money in Rio Rancho than Albuquerque.  You may want to search homes for sale in Rio Rancho as part of your search for your next home.


Primarily founded for agricultural purposes, this is one of the lesser-known areas of New Mexico. Having said this, those who live in Corales have an incredibly healthy and sustainable lifestyle due to the ongoing agricultural activities thanks to the land. Many still live off their own farms with fresh vegetables, fruits and animals to sustain themselves. The sense of community and well-being here is tangible and perfect for anyone wishing to escape the constraints of the hustle and bustle of city living. Think long summer evenings and early mornings of the quiet rising dawn across acres of open land. If that’s an environment that puts a smile on your face, then Corales is certainly somewhere worth exploring.

Valencia County

With its mild climate and striking landscape, Valencia Country is actually part of Albuquerque but really should be considered on its own. Los Lunas, Bosque Farms and Belen are three smaller towns, all encompassed by Valencia Country. Many cultural events occur during Autumn and Spring but all seasons are to be enjoyed due to the easy weather. Historically, Spanish traders traveled through the county and brought goats, oxen, and sheep from Mexico. Many of these “herds” are still in abundance today and flock due to the beneficial natural environment. During the 20th century, mining and astrology became 2 larger industries, giving the now famous regional motto: “From the Cowboy Way to the Milky Way!”. Because of this, it’s hard to drive through Valencia County without passing one of the many space observatories that are well worth a visit. For any child who’s a space enthusiast, Valencia County is an incredible place to help nurture his or her interests. Multiple camping grounds are scattered across the region, allowing for easy access to the natural beauty that the country has to offer. The people of this region take their environmental protection seriously and thanks to that, there are plenty of eco-style tours and excursions at your fingertips. Valencia County is sure to make you feel at peace with nature and is a fine example of how humans can live in harmony with the beauty of wildlife.