Have you ever dreamed about moving across the world in a comfortable motorhome?

Is relaxing in the middle of a wilderness a significant value for you?

If such a life seems attractive to you, you probably want to know is it worth fighting for. Today you will learn some pros and cons of traveling by motorhomes.

Motorhomes bring all the comforts of a home, with the possibility of taking it wherever you want. There are various models of comfortable vehicles. The new ones often are technologically advanced and have many amenities, electronics. But, if you are more into a vintage style, you can buy used motorhome and enjoy an exquisite lifestyle.

Benefits of motorhomes


One of the great benefits of travelling by motorhome is the freedom of movement that it offers. You can go wherever you want and visit whatever you want. No matter how remote the place is, your motorhome will take you there.

With a motorhome, travel organisation is very different, much more flexible and pleasant. It’s true that it is advisable to reserve a place if you intend to go to a specific campsite, but you are not a slave to the schedules as you can get on the regular airplane-hotel-organized excursions. You can plan the route on your own and have the flexibility to change it on the fly. It is easy to find a place to stay overnight when you have your house always with you!

This freedom brings tranquillity, if there are no schedules, there is no rush. You can enjoy the landscapes, the villages, and can take your own trip as it is, as part of the holidays and not just as a mere procedure to go from A to B. Goodbye stress, goodbye rush, goodbye schedules and even goodbye the clock.


Trips and motorhome holidays are cheaper than traditional ones. If you travel with friends, you can share gas, rent and food expenses. It is less expensive than staying in a hotel.

The modern motorhomes have all the comforts of a home, including shower and full toilet but using them is still much cheaper than living in a hotel. Going on vacation does not have to mean eating poorly. While you save money on a hotel, you can buy yourself a high-quality food or enjoy local cuisine. If you decide to travel by motorhome, you will not have to visit restaurants, since you can cook as if you were at home.


Motorhomes are almost as safe as houses. You don’t really have to buy a stun gun or any other weapon to feel safe at you motorhome if you are spending the night in a guarded area. But consider this an option if you plan to spend the night in the woods.


Travelling in a motorhome is ideal for the whole family! There are different models with different capabilities that adapt to your needs. Banish once and for all the old myths about the comfort of motorhomes. Travelling in the motorhome is very comfortable, like doing it with your house in tow.

Magic places

Travelling in a motorhome allows you to discover magical places, you can stop wherever you want and enjoy the landscapes you find along the road.

It reaches all places. Organised trips are often uncomfortable, often there are areas that public transport, trains or planes do not arrive, why not stay without visiting them? With your motorhome, you will get where you want.

Motorhomes disadvantages


Carry the house on your back is, irremediably, much less agile than travelling by car, especially when entering urban centres.


Motorhomes are much slower than regular cars, and to make the same kilometres it takes much more time (which also has its positive point because you can learn how to enjoy the trip).

Costs (compared to a car)

Tolls and gasoline are also more expensive as motorhomes are larger vehicles. A cost per kilometer can by very high because motorhomes consume a lot of gas. But don’t panic! Travelling by motorhome is cheaper than doing it by plane or the boat. It will also save your money if compared to all types of organized trips. Of course, there are some other expenses that you must take into account such as maintenance and rent or purchase of the vehicle.


It’s absolutely essential to make an effort to maintain order and good organization in the interior space of a motorhome. If you’re planning to travel with your children, you’ll have to teach them how to organize the shared space properly. Everything has to be under control: water levels, the electric charge, the change of sewage, the level of the battery, the chocks.

At home, but not at home

Saying that in a motorhome everything is the same as at the real home is true, but with nuances. Neither your bathroom is so big and so comfortable or in the fridge fits everything you would like to put. This small space brings discomfort, it is not the same as a large bathroom. There is not a drying rack to dry wet clothes when you are moving and there are also no chairs inside the motorhome. There are only fixed seats for several people.


When traveling by motorhome you are locked with more people in a small space for many hours. The limited area available forces everyone to be very orderly at all times and also respectful with other companions. It is a great way to travel with family or friends, but sometimes you can a feel a lack of privacy. Make no mistake, a motorhome does not favor the privacy of the occupants, rather, it is a guarantee of occasional friction between travelers. However, it can be the scene of great stories. Therefore, all these disadvantages continue to compensate all those in love with traveling by motorhome.


As Motorhomes are considered portable houses, they don’t have a general water supply, electricity and sewage network. With such restrictions, you can’t stay indefinitely in a remote place far from the world. There comes the point when you have to fill the water tank, empty the waste and recharge the battery.