This is a guest post submitted by Nupur Shah

There is no life without spice in Indian food. If you do not add spice into Indian dishes it is of no use. India is known for its spicy food. Whether it is garam masala, Rajasthani deggi mirch, curry leaves and many other spices which are still going used in Indian cuisine.

Today we are going to talk about the favorite Indian spices which are spectacularly known for its out of the world taste. For its different color like red, yellow, black color it just not enhance the beauty of the palette, but also gives a special kick to the tongue which is unforgettable. So here are some spices we are going to introduce and show how they make a dish spectacular and tastiest then any.

Cinnamon :

cinnamonCinnamon has a special kick which is used in most probably in making garam masala and avoid a causing cough in the sweet dishes. It has special sweet and spicy balance which is regularly used in the Indian recipes. It also lowers LDL cholesterol and also inhibits the bacterial growth and cancer cells.

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Saffron :

saffronSaffron makes the dessert luscious and luxurious. It is costly and used in every Indian dessert to taste great. It has a cooling property and used to avoid liver, kidney and bladder disorders. It is also used as a best anti aging medicine when applying to the skin. It lightens and brightens the skin.

Cloves :

clovesCloves are acknowledged for its special fragrance and taste. Regularly this is used in Indian cuisine to add extra spice to dish. This has also used for making a healthier dish like it avoids bacterial growth. It has a best antiviral, antifungal and antiseptic properties.

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Black Pepper :

black pepperBlack pepper is the simple but rated at the top in using Indian recipes. It has the hottest flavor used in Indian cuisine to improve digestion. It is mostly used in tomato soup or any kind of vegetable soup. It increases the secretion of hydrochloric acid, which is the best solution for intestinal gas.

Turmeric :

turmericTurmeric is all in one spice used for enhancing the taste of Indian dishes. It is also used as the best healing medicine by applying it on the scars and wounds. In Indian wedding, the bride must apply this turmeric on a face to brighten the skin. It has the best antibacterial property to release a cough from the body and also best used for indigestion after the meal.

Cardamom :

cardamomThere are two types of Cardamom. Green and Black. It smells sweet than any. It is best used in Indian dessert for adding fragrance to desserts. Mostly it is used as a mouth freshener to avoid bad smells in a mouth. It also helps in reducing the acidity level in the body.

Ginger :

gingerThe best use of Ginger in a recipe is to avoid the stomach indigestion problem. Dry ginger powder is most probably used in avoiding muscle ache and improving digestion system. This is also used in avoiding nausea, cold and cramps.

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Carom Seeds :

carom seedsCarom seed is known as “ajwain” in the Indian menu. This is regularly used in Indian recipes for its sharp and very bitter but nice taste. It is used to season the dish. It avoids the stomach gas problems and also used for avoiding cough and nausea problems in children.

Coriander Seeds :

coriander seedsCoriander has its nice earthy and nutty flavor which is different from all the spices. In India, Ladies buy the coriander seeds from the market, dry roast and powder it at home. Then they store it for a whole year to use it every day. Most probably Coriander Seeds are mixed with Cumin seeds and Indian people love the aroma and smell come out of this powder.

Cumin Seeds :

cumin seedsThere is no taste in the Indian dish without cumin seeds. Roasted cumin seeds powder is used to sprinkle on fruits, buttermilk to improve the digestion system. This is used to enhance the taste of the recipe. The version “shahi jeera” is also available which is somewhat has a strong flavor than regular cumin seeds.

Fenugreek Seeds :

fenugreek seedsFenugreek seeds are used for home remedies. Fenugreek is used in adding a special flavor to make curry or dahi kadhi. Fenugreek powder is used for reducing diabetes and lowers the cholesterol level. It is also used for removing muscle ache and nausea and vomiting related problems.

Fennel Seeds :

fennel seedsThis is the best homemade mouth freshener for Indians. It is mixed with sugar or sugar candies and served after a meal as “mukhwas”. This tastes good kills the smells and bacteria of the mouth. This looks like cumin seeds, but it has one type of green and refreshing smell.

Mustard Seeds :

mustard seedsIt is most probably used in everyday Indian recipes. This has a strong flavor match with all types of dal and vegetables. Broken yellow mustard seeds used for making Achaar. These are very useful in improving blood circulation and also use to enhance the taste of Indian dishes.

Nutmeg :

nutmegNutmeg is used in making Garam Masala. In Indian cooking individually it is not used so much. But still, this has a special strong flavor that goes well in the Indian Masala used for making Indian recipe tastiest.

Red Dry Chili :

red dry chiliThe hot and spicy red chili is the favorite spice of Indian cooking. There are lots of varieties available in Indian red chili powder like Kashmiri Mirch, deggi Mirch, kumathi Mirch and many. They are mostly used to balance the acidic level of the body. Remember, More use of dry chili can cause acidity.

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