Feather Flags

If you are planning to use outdoor areas for your next promotional project, you might need to consider using feather flags. These kinds of promotional flags will be perfect the most to catch the attention of people passing by. Get to know more about the promotional flags in this following article.

Single or Double Sided Print?

When it comes to the discussion about the type of feather flights should be chosen, one of the things that become a consideration is the sided print of the product. Should it be the one with single or double-sided print? This is very important since the type of sided print chosen will make it possible for you to have two advertisements in a single product. It is an achievement in the printing industry that people should praise. In the past time when printing technology was still simple, you will see graphics printed on just the front side while the images placed on the back seen in reverse. It is about 95% bleed through. This is the single-sided print that most people have left now. More people now prefer to use a flag in which there will be images that can be seen the right way round on both sides of the promotional tool. In this way, the manufacturers should print two flags and they will be sewed back to back.

The process will be done by utilizing a blackout film which is placed in the middle of the flag in order to avoid show through. This print style is called double sided print. So, it is not surprising that the double-sided prints come with a relatively higher cost if compared to the single-sided print. In addition, the double-sided prints are also heavier. This might the only downside of the double-sided prints since the heavy weight of the flags often affect the flight of the product. However, no matter the type of sided print that you will choose for your promotional events, the feather flags are still one of the best choices of promotional tool that you can opt.

Where to Buy

Fortunately, there are a lot of companies out there that provide feather flags for promotional purposes and one of them is Bsdisplays.com. Either it is feather flags, banners, signs, or other stand display manufacturers, the company will provide them all for you. The company comes with everything needed by customers to create personalized display products in all sizes. In this way, you will be able to create feather flags and other promotional tools based on your preference and need.

Why Choosing the Manufacturer?

First, Bsdisplays doesn’t use a middleman. In other words, your order will be done entirely by the company from start to end. In addition, the quality of the products provided by Bsdisplays.com is guaranteed since the company only uses high-quality materials. The prices offered are also exceptionally competitive since there is no middleman involved in the production process. There will be no extra or hidden charges required for the manufacturer’s services.