OTR Earthmover Tyres

Huge vehicles operating in delicate and challenging environments, such as construction and earthmoving fields, need reliable heavy duty tyres to work in a safe and productive way. Stability and resistance are two of the major aspects to consider when choosing the right type of tyres.

Resistance is vital to avoid rupture or damages due to casual accidents. The use of specific OTR Earthmover tyres can prevent the vehicles to stop working, while at the same time can guarantee maximum safety for workers.

Heavy duty applications are usually performed in a challenging environment, sometimes under severe climate and terrain condition, so there is no other way than choosing the proper set of tyres to keep a constant and smooth operation.

What we should consider when buying OTR Earthmover tyres

Construction and earth moving can be hard and extreme environments in certain conditions, that is why any vehicle working in these fields should be equipped with specially designed tyres. Years of dedicated researches and new technologies has allowed, in recent years, to develop specialized OTR tyres for different construction and earth moving machinery. Wet soil, hard surface and port industrial applications requires the proper solutions to ensure exceptional performance and reliability.

Tyres quality is a priority as well as the type of patterns. For example, flat and wide pattern is ideal for heavy duty applications in the earthmoving field. It gives the vehicles maximum stability and offers the highest performance, even when operating under most challenging conditions.

A wide choice of heavy duty vehicles tyres are available in the tyre market, but it is always suggested to rely on an international company, which continuous effort on finding the best solution is enhanced by a broad and varied know-how, thanks to the information gathered worldwide.

Tyre designs are tested through specific simulations prior to deliver the new product to customers.