Airport Parking

You may need to travel and opt to go to the airport with your car due to the convenience. You will, therefore, need to find cost-effective parking lots, which do not have high daily rates, where you can safely leave your vehicle for the duration of your trip.

Newark airport is a bustling airport, but, there is no shortage of parking space.  Whether you opt to look for the area on your own or use a company like Parkos, you can be sure that your vehicle will remain safe, because there is ample security and constant monitoring.

We will explore some things you need to know about parking at Newark, so that the next time you have to travel, you have the relevant information.

Are you looking for long-term parking?

Newark airport parking has long-term parking spots which are convenient for anyone who will be out of town for a long time.  One such place is the P4 parking garage where you can comfortably leave your vehicle for up to two weeks. You will, however, have to catch a short train ride to the flight terminal.

The other option is the P6 economy parking, and they are the best for the budget-conscious. The parking is, however, 20 minutes away from the main terminal, but there is a bus that ferries people to and from the airport parking. To get the best rates, you should pre-book so that you get reasonable prices.  Shuttle service is free, and there is CCTV and roving security coverage. You will need to get your car before 30 days are over; otherwise, they will tow it away.

The third option is the P4 garage that allows passengers to pay for the parking charging stations.

Are you looking for short-term parking?

If you only need to travel for a day, you have the option of using the terminal or the short-term parking lots.  The rates are reasonable, and you have quick access to the terminal due to the short distance.

If you want to park your car for a whole day, you may end up spending approximately $40. You can consider booking a parking spot in advance. Advance parking will give you access to discounts and coupons which you can use at a later date.

Would you prefer hotel parking?

If you are staying at one of the hotels near Newark airport like Renaissance Newark airport hotel, Holiday Inn Newark airport or Hilton Newark airport, you can utilize their parking lots for free. There are some inexpensive shuttles, which will take you to the flight terminals, thereby saving you quite a bit of money. The Renaissance hotel does not charge for the shuttle service

The Hilton will give you free parking for up to two weeks, and an extra day will incur an $18 fee.

Final Thoughts

Finding parking alternatives at Newark airport is quite easy because there are many parking lots available.  You have the option of short and long-term parking and, can also benefit from the valet parking services available.