Android Apps

In 2007, Android was unveiled to the world. From donut to Pie, with every increasing version of Android, the features got better.

With better features, the better application came into existence; there are 3.8 million applications in the android market. With different genres, these 3.8 million applications were made to perform and function different function.

From Arcade to Classics and to entertainment. Applications are generally made to provide an easy way to a task. From traveling to eating food, Applications are surrounding us. From these 3.8 million applications, we have curate a list of most loved and useful application an android must have.


To get started with android Experience, One must have a one-stop destination of application and to give its users a never had application downloading experience 9apps always provides best it can. 9apps is the one-stop destinations for all applications to download the application form. All the applications available on the Google play store are available on the 9apps interface. From arcade to classics and ton entertainment, with a well-dictated interface, every application is present on the 9apps interface. The application itself is in the form of apk which does not occupy much larger rooms in the device’s storage. Unlike other application, markets m every application present on 9apps interface is absolutely free. Not just this 9apps offer well described and dictated descriptions of the application which makes its users go through the application before downloading to have a better insight into the application.9apps offers top recommendations every day and title best top three into “hot” applications.


Paytm is India’s trusted e-wallet which comes with lots more features than just transferring the money. Not just this, Paytm is one -stop destination to pay shopping bills, electricity bills, telephone bills, and even phone bills.  The main motive behind the introduction and increasing use of paytm is to support and promote digital money. Paytm is a platform which enables its user to add money into a virtual manner and use it everywhere to pay for goods and services in a cashless manner. not just this, paytm also offers its users to shop through various brands and categories in the interface itself and also offers best of cash back with every purchase in order to provide a best of the shopping experience.  Getting access to the paytm wallet is as easy as it seems. Users can log in into the platform which the contact number and email. Paytm allows its users to attach their credit card/ debit card numbers in order to add money into the e-wallet


With Zomato the Dining experience enhances with every order. Zomato is a platform to order food online from nearest outlets and eateries in no time. Not just this, with zomato users can locate or find a restaurant, Check menu of favourite eateries and also can get contact and other relevant information of over 150 restaurants in a super easy to handle and user-friendly interface. Not just this, Zomato provides a very special space for all the food lovers by letting them rate or review a particular restaurant or a particular item on the list. With zomato, ordering food online has reached another level. Users can attach and pay through e-wallets and plastic currencies. Providing the unlimited amount of amazing coupons and discounts is one of most amazing this which attracts a large number of people to the application.


Talking about travelling concerns all in this era where the number of cars is increasing on the road. Uber takes a one step forward and introduced a new revolution of travelling from one place to another in no time. Uber is a largest platform which offers its users to book a ride to travel from one place to another in the city or even outside the city. With uber, long gone are the times, where we all have to wait for taxies and buses to travel. With uber, users can book a ride through simple and well informative interface in no time. Uber provides safest rides all over the city with safest and secured and trusted drivers to doorsteps. Booking a taxi becomes easy with uber. To book a ride users only have got themselves registered with the interface with relevant credentials. After registering, users have to mark their location and desired destination on a given map. After that users have to select between various choices offered by uber which includes, uber pool for pocket-friendly drives and also lets it, users, to share their rides with others. UberGo for comparatively better and for private spaces and UberX to make the arrivals grander. After selecting the modes of the ride, the uber interface which displays the relevant details of the drives reaching to the doorsteps. After completing the ride, users can play through various modes of payments including, paytm, credit cards n debits or even cash.


Vidmate always proves to be the best platform to offer a large amount of media in no time. Vidmate is one of the most loved and popular 3rd party applications which allows its users to download unlimited amount of media including videos and audios from various video hosting sites including, Daily motion, vine, Instagram, Facebook, Metacafe, and even YouTube, An impossible task is made possible with Vidmate as it allows its users to download their favourite preferred m, media even from YouTube. Not just this, Vidmate offers an unexplained video and audio downloading experience by providing best and fastest speed. Not just this, users can choose between various qualities, resolutions, formats while downloading. The application itself is in the form apk which doesn’t take much larger MBS of your storages and provides much better experience. To provide an attracting experience Vidmate allows its users to store their media in their reserved folder in your device just after downloading. It comes with well described and easy to navigate through the interface. To enhance user’s entertainment experience Vidmate also allows its users to enjoy and stream Live TV for free.