Mechanical Breakdown Insurance

As soon as you buy your new car, you need to get its auto insurance done. An auto insurance assures you in case of any accident or theft. It safeguards you and your family members while driving your car, and can prove to be very cost efficient in case of an unfortunate event. When thinking of buying an insurance, most people will go for medical coverage, liability coverage, but easily forget about mechanical breakdown insurance.

Mechanical Breakdown Insurance

Mechanical breakdown insurance ensures that your new vehicle keeps running even if it encounters a mechanical issue that might not be covered by the factory warranty. However, such policies might not always be needed.

Most automobile manufacturers provide a complete factory warranty protection policy, such as the bumper to bumper warranty, which will virtually allow you to get any legitimate repair done. In these instances, a mechanical breakdown insurance might not be needed. Though protection provided by factory warranty plans almost covers everything, they too have their own limitations. Damage done by your own negligence is often not covered by the policies, such as not maintaining proper amount of engine oil, driving vehicle for too long with little lubricant causing an engine failure are some examples. These type of negligence are never covered by any manufacturer warranty or insurance plan.

Cost-Effective & Affordable

When buying a new vehicle, getting a mechanical breakdown plan can provide to be a great bargain, especially when the factory protection warrant does not transfer over to the new owner. Mechanical breakdown plans are low-cost and are usually priced as little as $75/year and provide good amount of protection against mechanical breakdowns, such as the starter motor getting jammed, radiator failure or other technical problems which might lead to bigger breakdowns.

In such scenarios, mechanical breakdown plan would allow you to have an affordable repair and return of the vehicle. You would have to pay very less for repairs that may actually cost you anywhere between $200 to $500 dollars.

However, general maintenance and other wear & tear items are not covered in it. Before the vehicle is repaired, the insurance company must be notified, which delays the repairing by a day or two. And if the repair work begins without informing the insurance company, the repair work will most likely will not be covered.

Looking for the right company

Some insurance company, such as provide better vehicle breakdowns coverage and initiate legitimate work with legitimate repair parts. Other insurance companies may take over a week or even more to get the vehicle repair approved. This could mean you would be without a vehicle for several weeks. Due to this, it is important to choose the right insurance company. You may also have to rent or borrow a vehicle during this time. The company may also not pay for the towing cost, which must then be paid by you.

Several times you will find a reputed insurer that will send your car to a fine garage or repair company, such as Rcarparts, making the best possible repairs. Making such policy purchases can be more of a luxury than a necessity. You must always strive to find an insurance company that can provide you true value for your money. This can be done by doing a good amount of research before opting for an auto insurance.

Read all the details of the policy before settling on it so that you don’t have to get hassled afterwards. In order to find a good one, you can also search on the internet, as several good AAA mechanical breakdown insurance are available online through many insurance companies.