Live Streaming Tips For Social Media Events

Live streams are awesome for massive engagement and promotions. Especially when it comes to social media events, live streams are probably now the only best option to reach out to millions of people. It also lets you communicate with your audience on a higher and simpler level as you don’t have to struggle with replying. It also saves your time and money as well. To create a video, you put in time recording it and then editing and then it goes live on your channel. But for live streams, it’s raw and authentic which is more preferable. Follow these tips to enhance your live streams: –

  • Plan a Strategy –  Before going live, plan on what you want to convey. Even though it is meant to be raw and unfiltered, you will be live streaming for a specific reason. If you are a beginner, don’t miss out on this.
  • Greet your audience – As soon as people start joining your live stream greet them the way you want to. You can reply to their Hi s’ and Hello s’. If that will be your first ever stream, you can introduce yourself and let them know something about you.
  • Engage and only Engage – You have to learn how to engage and communicate with your audience. You have your own connection with the audience so maintain that unfiltered you while branding.
  • Branding – If you are live streaming for branding,ask the brand to give you some keynotes that emphasizes their brand. To promote their brand you express their keynotes from your point of view.
  • Hashtags – If you are letting someone feature in your live stream, tag them and use their hashtag. This way your reach will increase and more people will join your live stream.
  • Give them what they want – While streaming you can ask your audience what they would love to see you doing and then you can create content based on that.
  • Check your Setup – Maintain a proper set up before streaming. Make sure your webcam, background and other tools are fine. If you are streaming gaming videos, double check your microphone and PC.
  • Internet Speed – Live streaming needs a decent internet speed so check on that. There are various websites where you can check your internet speed.
  • Battery Storage – Full charge all your equipment as live streaming drains battery percentage. Always keep the charger with you.
  • Installation of streaming services – There are few live streaming services in the market and they help make your live stream more smooth. The best in business can definitely be Lightstream Studio.
  • Maintain Timing – Best option is letting your audience know on what time you will be streaming live. This helps you in reaching out to the maximum number of people and with that be punctual. And for gaming streamers, fix your schedule for regular live streams.
  • Create an impressive title – This is one of the important parts of live streaming. Create a strong title which will not only depict your reason for streaming but also will be interesting to join.
  • Be Creative – You can have fun with your audience by playing some games or letting them join your live. For gaming streamers, you guys can play with each other and challenge in games to make it more fun.
  • Test your Stream with a backup account – The moment you are live, check if everything is working fine from your backup account or you can ask your friend or crew to check on that.
  • Dressing is Important – Being a professional, getting dressed up is important. Although people love to see the most unfiltered scenes, streaming live in your pajamas might seem inappropriate to many. If you are underdressed or overdressed, make a suitable reason for it. 
  • Dealing with Hate – With admirers comes haters as well. You have to learn how to deal and respond to them. To begin with you can simply avoid them or block them, but if the limit exceeds you can be vocal about it ofcourse maintaining a certain decency. 
  • Be Consistent – If you want the maximum reach over your social media, you have to be consistent with your live streams and engagements.
  • Host Giveaways – Planning on giveaways once in a while keeps the audience entertained and it helps with your engagement. 
  • Video Length – You just can not go blabbering for hours or you can not end the live stream within a few minutes. A decent length can be of 20-25 minutes else your audience will get bored too and you will be left saying nothing.
  • Take Notes – After your live streaming is done, save the live and watch it. Take notes of what went wrong and work on them. Also check the comment section whether you missed anything important and get back to them. 


The key to all of this is to have fun. If you don’t enjoy your own company, your audience will not connect with you. Consistent live streams lead to great engagements which then help brands to notice you. Therefore it is also a great way of making money.