How LED Flood Lights Increase Productivity & Safety at Construction Sites

Every year hundreds of construction site workers lose their life or are injured as a result of dangerous site condition, poor lighting or a weak emergency plan. Here, proper lighting can be a lifesaver as most of the construction is carried out at night or off-peak hours with an aim to cause reduced hindrance to the public. Which is why, it is important to develop a lighting plan that can increase productivity as well as make the site safe for the workers. This is where the role of LED lights come in.

While the reduced electricity usage and longer lifespan aspects of LED lights are often discussed, the safety enhancement aspect is left unwrapped under sheets. There are multiple ways in which the effective use of LED floodlights can make any construction site safer and productive for the workers. Floodlights can be used inside the building for easy movement and work on the site, in the outer areas for properly illuminating the storage, entry, circulation areas, and can also restrain trespassers. See how!

Reduced Fall and Other Hazards

A dimly lit or a shadowed area in any construction site can be hazardous for the workers. Construction sites use dangerous equipment and heavy machinery to increase the output which can prove to be hazardous if the workers have a hard time to look around. Such conditions may lead to trips and falls that could be harmful to the workers. Using LED floodlights can illuminate the entire space evenly while eliminating negative and shadowy spaces.

Increased Productivity

Ensuring that all areas of the construction site are evenly lit significantly reduce eyestrain and fatigue. The addition of LED lights puts the workers in an optimum environment that boosts productivity while churning out ideal results. Plus, ample illumination also decreases fatigue and makes it possible for the workers to perform the specified tasks at their highest ability.

Improved Emotional Well Being

Believe it or not, poor lighting makes the environment all dull and gloomy while affecting the emotional and mental well-being of those working in that facility. Also, by providing workers with an appropriately lit space, the risk of environmentally induced sicknesses and their symptoms, like low energy, and irritability, are abridged. The Ministry of Labour and Employment has detailed provisions for those hiring workers for construction facilities. This includes lighting which needs to be suitable and adequate to meet the mental and emotional requirement. The key to achieving this feat is by ensuring that these issues are organized, monitored and controlled regularly.

Reasons Why LED lights are the Perfect Choice of Illumination

The lighting industry is undergoing a revolution and LED lights have taken brightness to an altogether different level. The features are improving with new products being introduced while the cost is going down.

  • Uniformed light from all fixtures
  • Simple adjustability
  • Long lasting than conventional lighting fixtures
  • Low maintenance
  • Non-toxic
  • Increased efficiency

Other benefits of offering better illumination to those working at construction sites include reduced absenteeism due to illness, reduced complaints and expenses related to injuries and illnesses that are a result of poor lighting. Furthermore, employee satisfaction and productivity are increased.

LED light manufacturers like Wipro Lighting have an extensive range of products that are suitable for illuminating construction sites. Their Alpha LED Floodlight is highly functional and energy efficient and features a specially designed optical grade PC Reflector that saves power, ensures safety and offers uniform light distribution.