Large Knotless Braids

As an African American woman, my hair has always been an important part of my identity and self-expression. Like many black women, I grew up getting my hair chemically relaxed to fit a certain beauty standard. But over time, I’ve come to embrace my natural textures and protective styles that allow me to nurture my hair health while still looking fly. That’s why large knotless braids have become my new go-to style lately.

 My Journey to Large Knotless Braids

The first time I tried knotless braids a few years ago, I went for a small, medium-sized look. They turned out super cute, but I found myself getting bored with them pretty quickly. I realized I was craving something bolder and more dynamic. So when I recently decided to get knotless braids again, I knew I wanted to go big. I’m talking jumbo, larger-than-life knotless braids. And let me tell you, I am loving this voluminous new look!

 I have to admit, when I first walked out of the braiding salon with these huge plaits dangling down my back, it took some getting used to. After having small knotless braids for my last install, the large size felt almost comically big at first. My stylist had braided in about 16 big plaits total, versus the usual 30+ small braids I was accustomed to. But I trusted her vision and gave myself a chance to settle into the bold new look. It didn’t take long before I felt like a lioness on the prowl!

One thing I appreciate about large knotless braids is how they command attention. There is something extremely regal about these jumbo braids that makes me carry myself with a newfound confidence. When I walk into a room rocking these dynamic plaits, I feel a surge of girl power and self-assurance. It’s an undeniably empowering style that makes a statement.

Versatility and Style Options

I also love the versatility of large knotless braids. While super long braids look fabulous worn down, I like having the option to pull my hair up in a top knot when I want to show off my face. High ponytails also look really cute and chic with this size of knotless braids. I enjoy having a variety of styling options to switch it up from day to day.

 Protective Benefits for Natural Hair

Of course, the other major draw of knotless braids for me is the protective benefits for my natural hair. By keeping my real strands tucked away and minimizing manipulation, I’m able to retain length and keep my hair strong and healthy as it grows out. This allows me to take a break from constant styling, giving my coils and curls some much-needed R&R.

 Large knotless braids take this protective benefit to the next level. Because fewer braids means less tension overall on the hair, I’ve noticed significantly less stress on my edges and scalp compared to when I’ve had small knotless braids. My stylist was also careful not to braid too tightly at the roots, which has allowed me to keep this install in for a good long stretch without excessive frizzing or slippage.

Now that I’m a few weeks into this large knotless braid install, I’m still just as obsessed as when I first got them done. I thought the dramatic look might feel over-the-top for everyday wear, but I haven’t gotten bored with these dynamic plaits at all. If anything, I find myself exploring new parting patterns and updo styles to change up the look. Large knotless braids offer so many styling possibilities!

While this bold protective style probably isn’t for everyone, I say go big or go home! If you’re on the fence about trying large knotless braids, I highly recommend taking the plunge. Plan to keep them in for at least 6 to 8 weeks to make the install worthwhile. Then get ready to exude confidence and serve looks everywhere you go.

Caring for Your Knotless Braids

Of course, protecting the integrity of your natural hair should be the priority with any installed braided style. Be sure to maintain moisture levels and scalp health while rocking knotless braids. I like to occasionally spritz my braids with a mix of water, leave-in conditioner and oils. For my scalp, I use light oils and massage at home, along with professional cleansing services every 4 weeks.

 Following the right maintenance regimen is key to ensuring large knotless braids continue looking fresh. Be gentle when washing and moisturizing your braids, and avoid over-manipulating the hair. Get your braids re-tightened or redone as needed, usually every 6 to 8 weeks. And give your natural hair and scalp a break between installs when possible.

Room for Experimentation

While I’m loving my large knotless braids now, I know I’ll be ready for a change after a couple months. When the time comes to take these jumbo plaits out, I plan to pamper my natural hair with some TLC. A restorative hair mask, nourishing hot oil treatment and hydrating deep conditioner will revitalize my strands. Then I’ll likely give my natural curls a break by wearing braid-outs, twist-outs and buns for a while.

 The possibilities feel endless when it comes to switching up protective styles and appreciating the versatility of black hair. While large knotless braids are boldly dominating my look right now, I know small knotless braids or medium-sized box braids may call my name in the future. Or I might feel inspired to try faux locs, passion twists, crochet braids or sew-ins as well. The beauty of protective styling is enjoying hair change-ups while maintaining health.

Celebrating Diversity in Black Hair

At the end of the day, I love having options that allow me to embrace my natural textures in healthy, creative ways. Large knotless braids have me channeling my inner queen these days – but a style doesn’t define me. Like many black women, I find confidence and empowerment in honoring the diversity of my hair. Whether rocking a teeny weeny afro or super jumbo braids, my hair remains a source of pride and self-expression. I can’t wait to continue this journey of versatile, bold styles that amplify my beauty from within.

Braided Wigs-Your New Best Friend?

From my years of experience of wearing braids, I understand the struggle of wanting to rock knotless braids but not wanting to commit to the time and effort it takes to get them done. Enter: braided wigs. If you are bothered by the same problem, you definitely should have a try of braided wigs. Not only do they save time, but they also save money in the long run. Knotless braids can be expensive, especially if you go to a high-end stylist. And let’s not forget about the cost of upkeep. Braided wigs, on the other hand, are a one-time investment. You can reuse them as many times as you want, and they don’t require any extra maintenance.

FANCIVIVI is a brand dedicated to providing high-quality braided wigs for black women. Its collection of a variety of braided wigs, featuring knotless braids, ensures a comfortable and enjoyable experience while preserving your natural hair’s health.