juvederm treatment

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Each member of the family of fillers known as “Juvederm” treatments all have their own treatment risks based on the area of the face they are targeting. While the active ingredient is hyaluronic acid, there may be other ingredients in a given formulation. All Juvederm treatments are injectables.

What Can Juvederm Be Used For?

Juvederm is a line of different treatments that may be used for a variety of various applications. Some of these injectables have multiple potential uses while others are more specific.

How Long Does Juvederm Last?

Within Juvederm’s line are injectables that last anywhere from six months to up to two years, depending on the type, quantity, and location of the injection. Your personal physiology and body chemistry will also determine the length each filler will remain active.

What Are the Risks of Juvederm?

The risks of Juvederm are fewer than plastic surgery or surgery of any kind. If injected properly by a certified and experienced physician, Juvederm’s side effects should remain mild. Your doctor should also go over any possible complications and make sure you understand them, before injection.

At most, you should have some swelling and tenderness at the injection site for a time that will vary depending on the filler used the location of the injection, and your sensitivity to the hyaluronic acid.

Can Juvederm Treatments Be Reversed?

The active ingredient in Juvederm treatments can be dissolved quickly in an emergency or if requested. However, doing so may come with certain risks and may not quickly bring down any swelling from the original procedure. Dissolving the filler will also leave any complications brought on by improper injection and other non-chemical means.

How Long is the Recovery Period After a Juvederm Treatment?

If you’re looking for lip fillers or another small area of injection, the Juvederm product will usually settle in within 24 to 48 hours. All swelling should go down within that period as well.

If you are looking at cheek fillers such as Voluma, you will be looking at a recovery time closer to one or two weeks. However, if you have multiple facial regions done at once, happen to be allergic or sensitive to the ingredients, or have other complications, it can take longer for the filler to settle.

How Does Juvederm Compare to Other Injectables?

In addition to Juvederm, there are four other notable facial filler brands: Botox, Sculptra, Radiesse, and Restylane.

In general, Juvederm tends to last longer than Restylane. Comparing Juvederm to Radiesse, Juvederm can be used in a wider variety of places on the face and typically comes with a lower price tag.

Sculptra, unlike the others, is meant to stimulate collagen production more naturally and takes several months to work but may produce very long lasting results. This is difficult to compare to pure filler like Juvederm.

Similarly, Botox has a very different method of action. Instead of filling up wrinkles it can make them appear less by relaxing muscles that would make them more noticeable. Juvederm is no more or less effective but has a broader range of applications in the face.