iPhone Spy App-iKeyMonitor for Parental Monitoring

From parental monitoring to locating a lost iPhone, iPhone spy app basically gives so many reasons for iPhone users to download and install the application. Specially designed to fulfill the need of iPhone users, this application has proven its advantages in so many ways that more users are considering getting it over the time. Today, the best spy app for iPhone is available in iKeyMonitor which offers users with a great number of innovative and fully functional features with friendly user experience. Like most other spy apps, it comes as inexpensive app that helps users to learn using the advanced technology features.

Spy App for Parental Monitoring

As the name suggest, the main reason for this app to be designed and created is to allow users to spy on other iPhones. The privilege goes to the parents. Yes, parents definitely have the rights and responsibilities to spy on their kids’ activities over the phones. Like we all know, there are so many ways the bad things influence the children over the phones that can put them in dangerous situation. So, with the parents monitoring their kids’ activities and respond every time they sense and find out something dangerous, they can make sure the kids are always safe.

According to many customers of iKeyMonitor, the fact that this app comes with great features, support, security and proof, many parents have found this app very helpful. Now, they can do the monitoring 24 hours a day even when the kids are away. Anytime, parents can check with whom their kids communicate, where they are and what apps they use so when something is not right, the parents can be there to protect.

Be Invisible when Spying

This is why the app is called spy app, because it basically allows the users to be a spy who spies on other users. And to make sure this activity goes well, the app doesn’t let anyone know what you actually have been doing. In other words, it allows users to be invisible when doing the spying activity on other iPhone remotely. No one is able to detect the spy so the owner or target of spying will have no idea about this. Often, they only find message saying that they have no access over certain app or that something is blocked. For parents, this certainly is what they have been looking for because it makes easier for them to continue spying on their kids activities.

Main Features of iKeyMonitor

A great app like iKeyMonitor definitely has its way to satisfy the users by offering a number of great features as following:

  • Remote Control or the web control panel which allows users to remotely change the monitoring status. This way, once users have installed the app, they have chance to bring back their stolen or lost phone
  • Spy Over Everything

Thanks to versatile spyware such as screen capturing and keystroke logging, it will be possible for the users to see almost everything. It means users can spy over everything, either activity over the phone or apps.

  • 24/7 Spy Support

With tech team ready to provide assistance and support 24/7 through online live chat and emails, this app definitely makes an awesome one. Imagine of how easy it will be every time there are questions to ask

  • Security

Users of the spy app are the ones having the overall control. For security guarantee, this app chooses to use the users’ FTP space and email to save all spying logs instead of online server which is more vulnerable. This way, the users can stay using the app without any worries.