Interesting Things Every Harry Potter Fan Must Have

When it comes to Harry Potter, all the Potter Heads are always excited to have the merchandise with them. At least for the ones who still do not have things related to their favorite Harry Potter series, this article will tell what a die-hard fan must have in 2023.

Every Potterhead knows which house they belong to and have the spells by heart. But is that all enough for someone who is a Harry Potter fan? Not at all! There is always more. This article will tell you about 8 interesting things every Harry Potter fan must have in 2023!

1. Harry Potter customized candles

These candles can be seen in each Hogwarts house in Harry Potter. They look aesthetically pleasing to the eyes, and the odor is also mesmerizing. You can try getting the Harry Potter Candles online, and it will be worth the purchase. Each Harry Potter candle is made with special essence and crafted very carefully. It should be a must in your collection!

2. Hoodies

Harry Potter customized hoodies make you feel like you are a part of the fictional world. Keeps you warm and makes you feel warm. You can have it specially customized according to your wish. You can get your favorite character over the hoodie, a print of the Hogwarts house, or any spell.

3. Portraits

If you are a Potterhead, you will definitely want to decorate your room. Portraits are a nice way to give your room a new décor and keep remembering your favorite quotes. If you want, you can get your own customized portraits and have quotes written according to your own choice.

4. The scarf

Dear Potter heads, we all know which scarf we are talking about here. It’s none other than the Hogwarts house scarf! We all require a scarf; maybe a special one can be much better. Then why not find the exact same scarf that all the wizard students are wearing at Hogwarts, along with their uniform? It would add to the best of your collection.

5. Funko Pops or the Bobble Heads

Nowadays, with these cute little Bobbleheads available in the market, you can find them as well. So, it is time to get your favorite character Boggle heads from Harry Potter. Be it Harry, himself, or his friends, perhaps you might also like the boggle head of any other character you want. You can keep it near your bedside or decorate it around the house. It is just perfect for any other Harry Potter fan.

6. Customized Music Box

Anyone would love to have this amazingly made small Harry Potter-themed Music Box. Just the perfect small wooden-crafted music box. Whenever you want, you can play the theme music around. You can carry it along with you anywhere you want to go. Maybe on a Harry Potter binge-watch night, you play around the music box.

7. Cushions

You can also give your bed a décor by adding on to these Harry Potter merch cushions. It will be just perfect in your bed alongside you. You can find different prints and designs according to your wish. Keep the cushions in your bed, or decorate your living room as you wish!

8. The Wand

Which Harry Potter fan would not want to take the Dumbledore wand and cast a spell? But, of course, we all want to do that once or maybe always. Only if you had the power to do that as well. But sadly, we are all Muggles. But don’t you worry; even if you cannot cast a spell, you can always have the wand. This wand is one of the best things a Harry Potter can have this year!

Final thoughts

Even though we have reached the end of the blog, there are even more Harry Potter things that you can own. 

With the beginning of the new year, it is time to get what you always wanted. You can bring in the change by having Harry Potter merchandise right away. So, do not waste time and grab what you want already!