Podcasts have turned out to be one of the main sources of information in this digital era. The podcasts generally cover diverse topics that you might be fascinated with. Listening to them would provide you with some invaluable perspective.

The Google play store comprises of some of the greatest podcasting apps for Android that you can explore anytime through your Android device. To make this choice a little easier for you, we have curated a list of the best podcasting apps for our Android users. Let’s leaf through the list of apps.

#1. Podcast Addict

Podcast AddictThis is one of the most popular podcast apps for Android. What’s remarkable about this app this is that aside from being free, it comes loaded with all the features that great podcasts should have. You can select a suitable option from tons of podcasts.

Also, you can add live radio stations in multiple languages like English or Spanish, and add one with the help of an RSS feed. Additionally, if you have any audiobooks in your device, Podcast Addict also enables you to import it to the app and listen to it directly.

#2. Google podcasts

If you are a Google loyalist, feel free to download Google’s official podcast app. The factor that differentiates this app from other podcasting apps is that whatever you’re listening to is automatically synced across different devices. This will allow you to pause the podcast on one device and resume on another through the Google Assistant. You can even listen to educational podcasts and receive the much-needed assignment help.

Since this app comes with the support of Google’s search and AI, you can expect to find all the podcast you want to listen to.

#3. BeyondPod

BeyondPodBeyondPod presents a humongous database of podcasts and allows the listeners to subscribe to interesting stations without having to add those stations manually. In case of functionality, the app offers a plethora of options such as changing the speed, listening to online playlists, broadcasts and so on.

Other than that, this app is compatible with the Feedly service and the Chromecast device. With the help of Feedly service, you can listen to old editions of podcasts that are not available anymore.

#4. AntennaPod

AntennaPodAntennaPod is definitely one of the podcast apps worth noticing. The app maintains a rather minimalistic design, and the basic set of functions it comes with is convenient for the listeners. The following are some of its features.

  • Changing the playback speed.
  • Downloading and streaming the releases.
  • Assistance for Atom and RSS feeds.
  • Widget for a home screen.
  • Search option
  • Integration with Flattr.
  • Automatic updating of channels.

#5. Podcast Republic

Podcast RepublicPodcast republic lets you search for keywords in podcasts, stations and episodes. Similar to podcast addict, you can browse the top charts within the app, including podcasts by RSS feed, import OPML files, and listen to audiobooks in the app. Podcast Republic also consists of radio stations that can either be searched or added by URL.

If you want to listen to offline playback, you can download episodes from the app and even organize them in different playlists. What’s more, you also have the option of taking a backup in your phone’s internal storage.

#6. Podbean

PodbeanThis can be passed off as an app store more than a podcast app. That’s because it allows you to browse by the options like top episodes, recommendations, featured shows, and other categories. The trending playlists in the app present amazing podcasts if you’re keen on listening to new podcasts.

The app comprises different useful features like, automatic downloads, notifications, and an intelligent speed feature that eliminates silence from an episode without distorting it.

#7. Podcast Go

Podcast GoIf you want a simple podcast player for Android, then the Podcast Go app is the perfect choice for you. It’s a well-designed app with an incredible user interface. It comes with superb features to find new podcasts. You can download the episodes and listen to them offline as per your convenience. You’ll also be able to regulate the speed of the podcast. If a podcaster is speaking slowly, you can speed up the podcast.

#8. Tech Podcast Network

Tech Podcast NetworkThe app is specifically created for people who have an affinity for technology. It’s quite simplistic as a podcast app, providing both video and audio podcasts from a variety of networks. You can add any podcast to the “My Cast” tab and create a playlist of your own. There’s a search feature available on the app as well. Some of the features include.

  • Pause and play a podcast
  • Create playlists
  • Audio and video podcasts

#9. Stitcher Radio for podcasts

Stitcher Radio for podcastsThis is again a popular choice when you are looking for a podcast app for Android. To use this app you have to create an account using Google+, Facebook, or Email. After creating the account, you will land on the Get Started page.

You can add up to three topics to receive podcast suggestions or type the name of the show in your search bar and subscribe to it. Some of its features are as follows.

  • Downloading podcasts for offline playing
  • Favorite Playlists
  • Widget support
  • Breaking news on the Front page

#10. Castbox

CastboxCastbox is a unique blend of a trivia game with a podcast app. The podcast section of this app presents a sleek layout, which is convenient for users and provides a bunch of features for podcast lovers.

There are different categories that you can select from when it comes to podcasts. Also, you can either stream them to listen directly or download them for offline listening. You can subscribe to podcasts with a simple click and with another click you can download the entire episode.

#11. DoggCatcher

DoggCatcherDoggCatcher is an efficient yet simplistic podcast app designed for Android devices. The first thing that you’ll come across after installing the app is a few popular feeds on the home screen. You can discover more by pressing the “Subscribe” button in the hamburger menu of the app.

Like other apps, the “Networks” tab displays the major podcast stations on a single screen. Similarly, the “Categories” tab helps to find podcasts easily by categorizing them as arts, business, comedy, etc.

#12. iVoox Podcast and radio

iVoox Podcast and radioiVoox is another app that has climbed up the charts of popularity. It consists of all the basic features that make a podcast app desirable. Some of the features of this app include gapless playback, playback controls, filters, playlists, and many more. You can even receive Chromecast support with this app. What’s more, the app also offers a wide variety of radio stations.

#13. Pocket Casts

Pocket CastsPocket Casts presents plenty of features, which includes cloud syncing support, variable playback controls, automation features, Chromecast support, Android Wear, support to name a few.

There is an array of playback options, and you can select where you will save the downloaded podcasts. You can even download the podcasts automatically on Wi-Fi or mobile data. The apps let you navigate to different helpful tabs like trending, categories, top-rated, etc.

The categories tab shows the podcasts sorted in different categories like business, arts, and comedy. Another tab, “Network”, displays the major podcast stations.

#14. RadioPublic

RadioPublicRadioPublic is relatively new in the domain of podcasts. Irrespective of that, it presents some remarkable credentials. The team at RadioPublic was keen on presenting a podcast app that allows the listeners to discover and connect with the content creators. While the story behind the app is quite fascinating on its own, it also proves to be a great option to listen to your favorite podcasts.

To wind it up,

All of the aforementioned apps are sure to offer the best user experience with their unique features and functionalities. Feel free to pair your podcasts with your favorite music and listen to your content anywhere.

Do you think we have missed out any of the best apps that you want us to include? Let us know in the comment section below.