Network Performance is a hot topic in the industry as companies are relying more and more on network infrastructure and big data is becoming one of the hottest areas in tech. So, what does this all mean for network systems?

It can be interpreted and answered many ways but overall it means there is much more to lose by having poor network performance or breaches through weak security networks. While downtime from a security breach is easily calculated, slow performance can slowly drain a company without anyone noticing.

Sluggish NetworkDetermining the Losses on a Sluggish Network

Understanding costs secondary to slow internet or network performance can be quite a hard slog. As well as understanding the damage is just not as straightforward as complete downtime. The reality of it can be compared to a hole in a massive piggy bank that is getting bigger every day.

The faster technology scales and the more we use data will also have an inverse effect on speeds. We need to account for these advancements and increase speed with overall use on the network.

Widespread adoption of cloud computing solutions, P2P, ERP, Video conferencing , content sharing, and the massive adoption of personal devices has created a massive need for speed and also a huge bottle neck in bandwidth.

What Are the Impacts?

While understanding what is going on is important, the direct impacts to a business are quite substantial.

  • Low Productivity and Workflow

While not only waiting for the site to load when waiting for consistency or connections to work, it can create quite a drain on an employee’s patience.

Additionally, when a system is setup like a well oiled machine, when one section gets slower or is down it can create a bottleneck and create a domino effect of problems.

  • Data Collection is one of the most important aspects of a company at the moment. Cloud apps and networks are great tech but require a lot of juice of the network.

If the company is not ready for this, it can create a host of problems while gathering and processing this data with the worse case scenario being the sata is lost.

  • Customer Interaction is one of the easiest to understand from the customer’s perspective but the company will not know about their experience until it is most likely too late.

Nowadays, customers are just not very patient and want the page to load in seconds and the flow of the system to be fast and efficient. If there are any hiccups the customer will leave and a sale is ultimately lost. Nowadays, it has been reported that 40 percent of shoppers will wait no longer than 3 seconds before leaving a retail or travel site.

Remedies of Slow Performance

Network Performance should be understood by the ability to diagnose, prevent, and create plans and solutions toward the gathered data. One of the only ways to monitor the performance accurately and around the clock is with network monitoring software.

Having this logged data allows the Network team to understand anomalies and proactively measure bandwidth to prevent any issues before they happen for optimal performance.

It also allows for better collaboration and communication about the network to have documented proof that can be easily understood by all Network teams and management.

This information easily allows the company to understand and scale their network as the company grows and evolves.

Consequences of a Healthy Network

Having a healthy network will allow your company to work on what matters and not have any interruptions in data connections and communications.

It will free up time and labor that would otherwise be going towards attempting to figure out and manually monitor a network composed of many factors. Importantly, it allows for increased morale and a positive workplace.