How to determine bitcoin mining profitability

bitcoin mining calculatorBitcoin is available for global usage only because there are miners on the network. Updating of the ledgers is made possible by miners so that records are up-to-date. As more miners get to work, there is a better sense of decentralization of the network.

As each block is mined on the bitcoin network, the compensation system ensures that the miners are rewarded. So, the block rewards are tied to the number of blocks mined. For anyone with a desire to be a bitcoin miner, it is also important to know how profitable the venture can be. Therefore a bitcoin mining calculator is indispensable.

The setup of mining today is clearly competitive and with more information at your disposal, it will be possible to run bitcoin mining profitably.

The Bitcoin Mining Calculator

Access to a bitcoin mining calculator is important as it allows you to determine how much you can make from any bitcoin miner. This will enable you weigh the cost of inputs to the expected block rewards for your operations.

Components of cost here include hardware, energy, and other allied fees. The three steps to the use of a bitcoin mining calculator are as follows:

  • Provide your Bitcoin mining system hash rate.
  • Provide other details in energy cost, pool cost, etc.-the more input data you provide, the more accurate your results will be.
  • Depending on the currency of your choice, the results will be displayed automatically. Click on the tab for “details” to see a detailed analysis of your results.

Pointers to Bitcoin Mining Profitability

For bitcoin mining to be profitable, there are several factors to consider. The first point is the market price of bitcoin. As the price of bitcoin surges, the better the profitability for anyone involved in a mining operation.

Other factors are:

Break-Even Point

The economic theory of the break-even point is important in bitcoin mining. This is the production level or length of time it will take to recover the funds invested. As bitcoin mining is cost-intensive, it is important to take this into consideration.

When setting up the mining operation, some people must buy expensive ASIC miners and others might use cheaper options. The bottom-line is that setup cost is not cheap.

Hardware Type and Cost

The type of equipment acquired will play a role in bitcoin profitability. Efficient mining rigs will lead to lower energy cost and higher output. However, such machines are not cheap. For people who use mining pools, it might be easier to have access to costly machines with a shared burden and better returns.

Optimization of Systems

Hash power is factor to consider when buying a mining rig. However, this is not the sole determinant of mining efficiency.  The rig design might lead to lower energy consumption despite a yield of more bitcoin in output.

So, when shopping for a system setup, it is vital to look out for the design that uses energy efficiently. Systems with lower watts /gigahash will have higher efficiency levels. In view of the high cost of electricity, you will want to invest in an optimal mining system.

Other costs allied here is cooling cost, as bitcoin mining elicits intense heat that needs to be cooled. So, cooling machines also must be provided to preserve the efficiency of mining machines.

Cost of Power

Depending on where you site your Bitcoin mining operation, the energy cost can make the difference in profitability. So, before you make the investment decision, it is better to conduct research and settle for a location with higher energy cost comparative advantage.

Block Rewards

The nature of mining compensation is such that is beset by diminishing returns. In every four years, block rewards are halved so that this can invariably reduce your expected profits. The only counteracting factor here is if the market price of bitcoin continues to rise.

Bitcoin Mining Difficulty

Closely allied to bitcoin mining difficulty is the Network Hash Power. The Bitcoin mining difficulty presently is seen to be in the range of a block in every 10 minutes. The difficulty can increase with a higher hashing power available on the network. With the incursion by ASIC miners imbued with higher productivity rates, mining difficulty will increase and machine running cost to output could increase.

Last Words

The volatility of bitcoin price has shown that there is a need to have a grasp of bitcoin mining cost so that profitability can be determined. At each price level, profitability is sure to fluctuate and this calls for a great understanding of the price movements.

The rise of altcoins perhaps also calls for the mining investor to settle for mining systems that can be used for more than one coin or token. The opportunity to switch mining options can be window for better profitability.