How to Track Stolen Mobile Phone

A survey that has been carried out has shown that every year people lose more than seventy million phones. The people who take possession of this phones usually replace the sim cards or even the block location settings. Many people deem this a lost cause,and they have no idea if there exists another phone tracker that can be used to find a stolen phone. Well, all is not lost.


By making the use of International Mobile Equipment Identity, which is a fifteen unique code that has been authorized by the GSMA, just like the identity certificate of the phone. Did you know that every time a network is used by the phone to make a call, receive or even send a message, the IMEI number is automatically tracked?As the service providers have a database where the ID numbers are kept an owner can easily report the IMEI number of the lost phone, and it can easily be tracked. It can be blacklisted or tracked ensuring the thief is caught. Many people make the use of the Bluetooth tracer GPS locator in order to locate smartphones which are nearby,and this approach normally has limitations of distances.

Toknow your IMEI, it is a very easy process. All that you will be required to is to dial *#06# and press ok. A unique ID is going to appear,and all you have to do is keep it for future use. The second way in which you can be able to find an IMEI number is by going to settings>About Phone and then touch on IMEI code on your android phone. In most cases, whenever you are buying a new phone, you are going to find the IMEI number on the back of a phone.

Using Secondary apps such as IMEI Tracker App

There are very many apps that are available on the Google play store that can be used to track a lost phone. Among the apps includes the AntiTheft App and IMEI Tracker Phone Location among many more. For instance, if you are using IMEI tracker, all that will be needed is for you to download the app on the Google Play store and install it. The app is known as ‘AntiTheft App and & IMEI Tracker theAll Phone Location.’ Ensure that the phone you are using is of android version 4.4 or even higher. Then, you can start the app installation process. After you have been able to install this app, enable all the permissions that the app will require to ensure it operates fully with no limitation. Most Apps which are free has ads,and you can’t skip such ads.

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Input the IMEI number of the lost device and click on ‘Track,’ which is just a small window with the list of spaces that are going to appear. This app can be able to give alarms, send Short Messages about the real-time location of the device and many more.

Using Google and its services

With this method, you will need a computer and also ensure that you are logged into your google account. Open chrome and then get to type ‘Where is my phone.’Google will display a mini find my device option. There is a high possibility it will require you to be able to sign in again. This will automatically start tracking your device. Apart from using the Google Chrome, you can also make use of an Android app ‘Find My device.’ Google location history which is now referred to as Timeline can be used irrespective of whether it has been turned off.