How to Master Your Money

You’re not alone if you feel like you’re not in control of your own financial situation. Debt continues to grow for North Americans of all generations and living expenses are outpacing incomes. People are living on such tight budgets they rely on high interest credit cards to get by, and it’s hard to get ahead. Approximately 1 in 3 North Americans have saved nothing for their retirement, not to mention many of the other savings goals they may have, such as buying a house, going back to school, or saving for their kids to go to college.

It’s not that people don’t understand the importance of savings; but 45% of Millennials still aren’t saving anything, even if they want to. But without control over your finances, it’s hard to plan for and achieve greater goals than just surviving to your next pay check.

Taking control of your finances isn’t easy, but it is achievable. Employing some of these strategies can make money make sense.

Analyze Your Spending

A lot of financial advice starts with “spend less.” And unless you can find a way to earn more money, trimming your spending is the best way to start saving – but it’s hard to start unless you know what you spend on and why.

Start by analyzing your spending before adjusting your budget. For a month, record everything, keep receipts, and compile it all at the end of the month. Once you see how much you spend on everything, you can determine what’s a luxury, what can be trimmed, and what can be eliminated.

Make Money a Tool to Earn the Lifestyle You Want

Money is more than product of your labor – a wage you earn from your job. Think about money as a tool for opening up the future you want. Investing your savings means it starts working for you. Return rates grow your savings and compound interest provides a major incentive to start investing today. The more you earn, the bigger your future returns.

By growing your savings, you’re no longer relying on your personal ability to earn and save. That’s how you can afford to do what you dream of in the future, whether that’s opening your own business, buying a bigger home, going on vacation, or retiring early.

Make Long-Term Investments

Once you actually have something saved up, now you have to make sure it’s protected. There’s nothing guaranteed about the stock market, which goes through cyclical periods of growth and decline. It can feel like running on a treadmill if you invest at the wrong time.

That’s where investment tools like gold come into play. Gold is one of the most durable assets out there, offering advantages such as:

  • Inflation resistance
  • High liquidity
  • A negative correlation to stock market prices
  • Investor confidence during geopolitical uncertainty
  • No third-party risk

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You can take control of your money. By controlling your spending, investing your savings, and bringing security and peace of mind to that wealth, you can achieve financial stability and start planning your bigger goals.