The windscreen plays a very important role in your car. Not only does it protect you from external dirt and debris, but it also enables you to see clearly. Without a well-maintained windscreen, there is a high chance of you getting into accidents. This is because you may not be able to see well when driving your car. You want to maintain the integrity of your vehicle and avoid getting into several hazards. You should, therefore, take it upon yourself to protect and preserve your windscreen. Besides, you want your car to always look clean. No one feels comfortable driving a car that has a lot of dirt.

Knowing how to maintain your windscreen will help you in a lot of ways. You must always include the windscreen anytime you are doing your periodic car check-up. Don’t place all your energy and focus on the tyres and neglect the windscreen.

Every part of your car is equally important. Neglecting the windscreen may land you in deep trouble you never even imagined. Below are some of the windscreen maintenance tips.

Inspect The Periphery Of The Windscreen and Wiper Blades

With time, external factors such as excess sunshine may cause the rubber in the wiper blades to wear out. If the rubber wears out too much, it may result in a bare metal which now runs back and forth on the windscreen. With time, this movement causes scratches on the windscreen and ends up damaging it. Note that there is also some rubber that holds the glass in place. The rubber, due to external factors, may wear out, causing more vibrations on the screen. This intensifies the degree of cracks on the windscreen. A worn-out rubber gasket is not safe because it allows water to seep through into the chassis, causing rust. It is essential to frequently check the status of the wiper blades and the gasket to ensure that they are functioning correctly. In case you realise that there is an issue, ensure you fix it by replacing or asking a professional to look at it.

Do Frequent Cleaning

You will have to frequently wash your windscreen if you want to get rid of the dust and dirt components it carries. You could use some water and a soft brush to clean it. Start by gently lifting the wiper blades and clean them. If you realise that they are grimy, rub the blades with some alcohol or baking soda and water. Take this moment to inspect them because it is only through inspection that you will notice any damages and act on them. In case you want to clean the windscreen deeply, you could invest in an effective glass cleaner and microfiber cloth. Spray the glass cleaner contents onto the windscreen and wipe it off from the outside. For that streak-free finish, polish the materials off with some paper towels.

The windscreen is most effective when it is well maintained. It will also serve you for a longer time, and you won’t need to replace it frequently. This means that you will save a lot of money just by taking care of the windscreen.

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