According to studies, there are now more than 20.6 million people above the age of 12 in the US with an addiction. Not only this, more than 100 people die of a drug overdose every day.

Unfortunately, sometimes no matter what you do, convincing a loved one to go to rehab can be challenging. With this in mind, we’ve created this article on how to get someone into rehab against their will.

Holding an Intervention

The first step to getting a loved one into a rehab facility is to hold an intervention. While these don’t force the person to go to rehab, it can add enough social pressure to encourage them to do so.

That said, if you would like to hold an intervention, it’s important you get professional help. There are now professional interventionists that can help guide the conversation to ensure it’s as effective as possible.

Stick to Conversations Rather Than Arguments

It’s easy for conversations to escalate into arguments. With this in mind, try using “I” statements as much as possible. Instead of telling them what they’re doing wrong, tell them how you’re feeling about their actions.

By using these “I” statements, your loved one will find it harder to become defensive.

Involve All the Family

Many say that you shouldn’t involve children in these events. However, if a loved one with children has a substance abuse problem, the likelihood is it’s affecting the kids, too.

With this in mind, involve their kids so that they can see what impact their addiction is having on them. When involving children, make sure to tread carefully. You don’t want to cause an argument and any further trauma to the children.

Arm Yourself With the Facts

Before you approach the conversation with your loved one, make sure you know all the facts. You must learn about the different types of addiction treatment.

You also have to find out more about how the process will take place and the impact it’ll have on your loved one.

Focus on the benefits of addiction treatment. Also, make sure to emphasize the positive impact it’ll have on their life and relationships.

Get a Court Order

If all else fails, you can get a court order to send someone to rehab in some cases. Court-ordered substance abuse is now available in 38 states.

While this can be a good option for some, it’s worth mentioning that acquiring this type of court order can be time-consuming. Moreover, the criteria for this ruling vary from one state to the other.

More Tips on How to Get Someone Into Rehab Against Their Will

Knowing how to get someone into rehab against their will can be challenging. The truth is, you may not be able to get them the help they need the first time you try.

With this in mind, it’s important that you stay patient. And, above all, never give up. Remember that addiction is a mental illness, much like depression and anxiety.

Do you believe that you may have an addiction problem?

If so, find out more about the signs and symptoms in this article so that you can get the help you need.