Getting people to view your Instagram videos is not always easy and simple especially if you’re new.

If you don’t have lots of connections and followers, it is really difficult for you to achieve a significant number of views. But with proper knowledge and a bit of strategy, you will be able to achieve it in no time.

Nevertheless, read on and find out how you can obtain real Instagram views without doing any dirty tactics.

Four Ways on How to Get Real Instagram Views

#1. Reply to comments on a regular basis

By simply replying to every user comment, you’ll be able to make a strong relationship with your Instagram followers. In this way, they will think you as one of their friends and not just a stranger who is posting videos on Instagram.

As a result, your followers will be happy to check out every new video that you are going to post. What’s more, another good thing about having a conversation with your viewers all followers is that it will offer a sign to Instagram that your videos hold a value.

#2. Go Live

One way to make a strong bond with people is to communicate or interact with via Instagram live videos. As a matter of fact, you can use this one of the most popular features of Instagram in order to answer your viewers’ questions.

If they are watching your live stream, basically, this means that your followers appreciate the things that you are doing.

Additionally, you can grab this chance to remind them to watch your newest and upcoming videos on Instagram, as well as your previous videos that don’t get enough views.

#3. View Other’s Videos

If you are active on Instagram doing this tactic is pretty easy. Nevertheless, by simply liking as well as viewing posts on Instagram you will be able to boost your views effortlessly. Because there’s a higher possibility that they will view your posts in return.

#4. Seek help from influencers

Instagram influencers are very powerful. As a matter of fact, they will be able to advertise your videos to their hundreds of thousands for free.

However, you need to look for an influencer that deals with the same topic or niche as you. Also, make sure that the influencer’s followers are real and not fake.

But in this method, you will need to invest a small amount, because some influencers may be hesitant to promote your videos for free. After all, they are doing this to earn money on Instagram.

This concludes this post on how to get real views on Instagram without doing dirty tricks. If things don’t successfully work out after your first attempt don’t lose hope and be discouraged. After all, only a few people become big on Instagram and you need to outwork them especially if you want to get the spot.

Nevertheless, by simply following the above-mentioned ways, trust us, your Instagram videos will get more videos and even likes as well.