How to Create a Sophisticated Man Cave

If you need a place that will give you a bit of privacy away from your partner, kids or your stressful job, you really need a man cave! However, no matter how “manly” you want your space to be, you don’t have to turn it into a dirty sports bar. Here’s how to create a sophisticated man cave perfect for a modern, 21st-century man.

Start with comfort

This is something you can’t compromise on, no matter how much you love elegance and minimalism! Man caves exist to provide men with comfort and relaxation, so choosing the right furniture should be your first task. Of course, you don’t have to opt for those ugly leather sofas that “grace” most man caves. Instead, opt for a model with strong lines, bold colors and quality materials. However, don’t hesitate to try them out before you buy and get the one with softer and deeper seats that can also provide great power naps. Pair it with armchairs to anchor the room and provide seating for all your mates.

A bar is a must

There’s no real man cave without some drinking involved, so make sure to provide your new space with a bar. Fill your bar with all sorts of different spirits and stock your fridge with beers and mixers, and next time you have friends around, blow their minds with a nice cocktail or an ice cold beer. You and your friends aren’t really into cocktails? Well, wait until you mix the best Michelada! A well-stocked bar will not only serve you when you get thirsty, but also add a touch of sophistication to your man cave while the rest of your buddies still settle for cheap six-packs!

Impress with your culinary skills

Men love impressing their family and friends in the kitchen, but unfortunately, most of them have to do it in less-than-perfect conditions. So, make sure to provide your man cave with some pro cooking equipment and appliances that will make preparation for your favorite movie or important game a piece of cake. For instance, treat yourself to a very slick and sophisticated Bertazzoni range that fits into any space and provides you with the ultimate cooking experience. It’s perfect for oven-baked potatoes, pan-fried crispy mozzarella sticks, home-made pizzas and basically any other amazing snack! If you don’t have space of a full range, a microwave is the least you can do, unless you’re happy eating soggy pretzels.

Make way for technology!

Sure, you absolutely must have a big flat-screen for your big sports events, movies and video games. However, you don’t have to cash out for the biggest and most expensive 3D plasma with surround sound! Instead, opt for something high-quality but simple (but don’t go under 75 inches). Remember, an elegant man cave is not all about technology and staring at screens! Don’t forget to really hang out with your friends, chill, play a game of poker or just bond over some friendly banter. But, if you really want to impress people with a few gadgets, opt for an automatic card dealer, high-end record player or a vintage arcade!

Make it metal

Even if you’re not exactly a fan of heavy metal music, you must add some chrome to your man cave. Shiny metallic details and accents will introduce elegance and glamour to your space while giving it that chill and manly vibe. Think chrome lighting, accent details on the furniture and metallic art pieces. If you like metal but are more into that industrial style design, opt for fixtures with matte finishes, exposed copper pipes and a few touches of gold.

Add some culture

Even though a man cave is usually a place reserved for watching sports and playing video games, you must add some culture that will bring your elegance levels up a notch. A carefully-picked collection of books and magazines will show off your sophistication, impress your guests and even make for a great conversation starter. Plus, books can serve as beautiful décor pieces, especially if you put some effort into stacking your shelves!

Get fit at home

If you have an extra spacious man cave, don’t miss a chance to add some fitness to it. Every modern man has to watch his physique in order to stay healthy, strong and sharp, so why not introduce a few workout elements to one corner of the space? A stack of weights, a stationary bike or all-in-one workout machine will not only push you to stay in shape but also keep you occupied during half-times and commercial brakes. This way, you can easily do a 15-minute full-body workout while waiting for your team to return to the field! Who needs expensive gym memberships when you have a man cave gym?

Air out space

Most man caves are built in the basement or other equally secluded spaces that don’t get a lot of fresh air. Guy’s nights are known to get pretty heated, especially when there’s a big game on and there’s alcohol involved. Plus, what’s an occasional poker game without cigars? So, if you want to make a space that’s comfortable in all ways imaginable, you need to add some strong ventilation and air conditioning. This way, you’ll always have a space that feels (and smells) welcoming and relaxing and won’t leave you with a headache and lung issues!

Finish up with a trophy

Every man cave needs a piece that will define the room and attract everyone’s eye when they step into space. Sure, most guys opt for a framed jersey or a signed movie poster, but if you want to stand out and boost elegance in your man cave, try something different. Think about your interests and include them in your design in an unexpected way. If you’re a really active man, a classic racing bike will look amazing on your wall. Maybe you’re a big sci-fi fan and a real replica of Han Solo’s blaster is exactly what you need to add some wow to your space.

Finish up with a trophyDon’t hesitate to up the elegance in your life with a man cave that will be comfortable and manly but also sophisticated. It will make you and your mates feel like Mad Men!

Author:  Derek Lotts is a Sydney based writer and researcher, a regular contributor at Smooth Decorator blog. He writes about décor, gardening, recycling, ecology and business. He thinks all of these topics fall under the self-improvement category. He believes in the power of sharing ideas and communicating via the internet to achieve betterment.