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Bunk beds are for kids. That may be what you’re telling yourself when thinking about getting your child one. Maybe you think that when the time comes, you’ll just get your kid(s) whatever bunk bed they want, even if it means putting it next to their current bed. Bunk beds are probably the most popular kind of loft bed. However, not all types of bunk beds are good. They are typically good for kids, but some kids are not ergonomic and taller than they should be. So, you should be careful in selecting bunk beds and bed frames

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You shouldn’t just buy bunk beds based on looks alone. Here are several steps to help you find good bunk beds and choose among them.

Sit on the bed

Did you know that the top bunk bed was billed as the safer of the two? This is because they think that bunk beds are easier to fall out of than to climb out of. They say even if you climb out of it, you cannot fall more than 3 feet. Next, the bottom bunk should be easy to access, and your toes should be able to reach the floor while you’re in the bottom bunk. If there’s a top shelf, make sure it isn’t above your head when you’re in the middle of the bed. Secondly, when you sit at the edge of the bed, you need to sit cross-legged, so your feet touch the floor.

Shake it 

Bunk beds are not just for children when you want to maximize the small space of your home, and they can be used when you want to create more sleeping spaces. Though it is good that bunk beds are made with safety in mind, there are instances when adults fall off these beds due to their instability or one of the beds malfunctioned.

When were little, we’re taught to shake our new toys to see if they’re broken. There has been a rumor going around on the web that bunk beds are not as stable as they appear and need to be shaken now and then to make sure they remain solid. A few years back, it was proven by some folks who tested this rumor out on some bunk beds which were placed on a high platform or some professional shaking mechanism or some rock and roll and came up with no significant movement.


If you want to avoid an accident in your bedroom, ask the dealer if the bunk bed or loft bed meets the American Society of Testing Standards (ASTM) safety standards. There are several requirements, like head clearance and bunk sizes. Your child’s safety should be your top priority. However, loft beds and bunk beds provide more space in the room. However, you must always make sure they are made in strict accordance with ASTM safety standards. This is important for your child’s safety when they get into their teen years and might need a separate room altogether. A once acceptable loft bed might not be a good option anymore since it does not comply with current ASTM standards.

Check rails and top bunk

Be sure to check the guard rails of the bunk bed and make sure they run around the entire top. If not, look for a latch on the front and quickly secure it. Latchless guards can cause major injury if your child falls off. Also, check to ensure they are not loose and that the posts they rest against are secure and solid.