How does a 3PL make money

With the digitalization and globalization of businesses, there is more need for logistics than ever before. Also, with the ecommerce sales nearing the 5 trillion-dollar mark, there is an increased need for it.  Hence 3PL or third-party logistics has been on the rise in recent years.  Smaller companies doing their in-house logistics incur losses and many issues.  Hence a 3PL not involving either the sender or the receiver is making more money now than before.  And if you are one to know how the best 3PL like Go Freight Hub makes money, you are in the right place.

So, check out the many ways that 3PLs make money with their value-added services apart from logistics to use them for developing your business to more than your expectations.

What are 3PL logistics?

With the increasing need for logistics worldwide, only the 3PL logistics enable it cost-effectively.  3PL or third-party logistics fulfills all logistics requirements like transportation, packaging & crating, customs, payment and other processing, reverse logistics, trade show logistics, dry ice logistics, oversized loading, and even transporting dangerous goods. Since handled by award-winning 3PL logistics like Go Freight Hub will enable safe transportation of all types of cargo for both cross-docking and trans-loading transportation services.

How does 3PL make money?

3PL makes money by offering many benefits to the clients, big and small, to save time, cost, and effort and avoid any issues.  Since logistics involve many risks for transporting the goods like damage, theft, and others, only the experienced 3PL can do it effectively and avoid the involved risks. Many top 3PL, like Go Freight Hub, was awarded as the fastest growing truck company in America by’s annual edition in August 2020, offering many value-added services.  Hence, they make money for being the best third-party logistics service provider and through many other ways that include, among others.

11 top ways that the best 3PL makes money

  1. Small businesses gain by utilizing the services of the best 3PL to transport their goods from one place to another with no need for in-house logistics to enable them to make money.
  1. By providing warehouses to many companies to store their goods for the short or long term, 3PL can earn money for its costs.
  1. Many carriers earn a lot of money as freight charges for both cross-docking and trans-loading transportation services, including oversized loads.
  1. By offering superior quality packaging and crating services that even includes non-regulated, dangerous and even perishable goods
  1. Since the best 3PL like Go Freight Hub has the best team experienced enough with U.S. customs and regulations, it will be an ideal partner for mutual benefits.
  1. Enabling easy orders and payments will allow the cargo to reach its destination quickly and efficiently to earn a lot of money.
  1. By expediting reverse logistics, the 3PL will reduce the customer dissatisfaction with the returned goods with fast service to replace them with the right goods.
  1. With integrated solutions, 3PL’s end-to-end supply chain solutions bring long-term business growth.
  1. By streamlining the supply chain of big and small businesses, 3PL makes them more efficient to have mutual benefits.
  1. 3PLs With expertise for reaching far and near will enable the business of all sizes to reach their customers with the right products in time to make them earn a lot of money
  1. The best 3PL will transform the delivery experience into a hassle-free job for all-sized companies for mutual benefits with agile software.

The above facts and ways will surely convince anyone to know how the  best 3PL like Go Freight Hub  makes money by benefiting small and big companies satisfying their logistical needs along with many value-added services.