Three Hottest Handcrafts

Are you a creative and passionate artist or a fan of art and designs, there is no doubt that you’d be so impressed having been able to read through to the last paragraph of this post. As a designer or artist; it is important to understand the rudiments of self-promotion and marketing. For only through this, one can be sure to attain success and meet with several opportunities in the industry. As a matter of fact, no artist will feel completely inspired by mere admiration of his/her own personal handcraft, but for the interest and appraisal from colleagues and enthusiasts.

How would you feel after having been appreciated and paid for doing the things you are passionate about? In my own opinion, you’d feel very accomplished and excited that you’ve done a wonderful job. Sparknow encourages you to push forward as an artist with vision and mission. With the coming into vogue of a platform like, a golden opportunity has been created for passionate creative artists who make handicrafts of various shapes, designs and categories.

On the Sparknow portal, you can sell your arts, and designs within a twinkle of an eye. handicrafts like bags, sandals, legendary apparel, comfy pillows, original canvas and several loads of other artworks. If you’re passionate about making stunning sketches and printings on clothing or footwear, selling this idea for some extra income could make you rich. I’ve been opportune to scan through some recently sent mails by a few Sparknow fans — only to find out that 85% of the questions coming in are related to “what items that can be sold on the Sparknow platform”. The answer is; you can sell anything in the category of art and designs, handmade crafts, unique custom iPhone cases and as well as many other bounteous list of items.

Printed tote bags

For the few of us who’re completely lost when it comes to interpreting fashion terms; tote bags are usually simple in appearance. They’re easy handmade bags used in the movement of miscellaneous item from a place to another. Typically worn by women, tote bags are known to be big in nature in the past, due to its use.

However, modernization has made it possible for tote bags to appear in almost any shape, style, design and color. Sparknow platform allows for an open door to as many as possible printed tote bag artists. If you’re a printing artist, then making sweet inscriptions and graffiti-like printings on tote bags could just be another way of building a stream of extra-income.

Premium Canvas

Take your ready-to-be -sold premium canvas onto and make money selling them to those who appreciate your time and effort. You could be making more profit than you anticipate from the sales of these materials. Art and designs are not just two common phenomena, but relatively dissimilar subordinate clauses that relies on one another to get a complete definition. Art is from the heart, just as design come from inspiration. If you’d ever wonder why you’re here on this page, it’s certainly because your passion is about to take a professional dimension. Passion for creativity is what you’ve got, there are a few people out there who need this luxurious premium canvas for their decoration projects. Such as office decoration, home decoration and academic uses and they’re ready to pay you some remuneration for your skills.

With, there are many unmatched publisher benefits entitled to each seller, and some of them are:

  • You’d be able to list your products amongst the over fifty thousand arts and design crafts on the system.
  • Fix your own price tags and get paid upon purchase by customers.
  • You won’t be requiring an ecommerce store
  • No website set up or advertisement cost to promote your products, crafts and amazing art ideas.

iPhone Cases

Should in case you’re new to the sparknow ecommerce platform and barely understand our motto. We live and thrive on art and design handicraft.  Sparknow is offering you the opportunity to showcase your artistic iPhone case designs, plus other artifacts and make good proceeds from selling them to prospects. You can now tap into the new sparknow system and make loads of money from your passion and hobby. So true, your surest bet and way to sell your art, professionally designed custom iPhone 5, 6 and 7 cases is by having them listed on a platform that speaks the language of design and quality.

As the Apple iPhone mobile technology thrives, it calls for an appreciation in value. And an increasingly immeasurable number of users are in search for security and protection for their phone’s hardware. As a creative artist, this could be your own gateway to satisfying this numerous interested prospects with your unique designs that surpasses what an eye has seen. Customers believe that with topnotch custom made iPhone cases, their quest for max security is guaranteed and achieved.